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Kleenso Floor and Tile Cleaner, Insect Bait Product Review

I had gotten my Kleenso product above and just in time for spring cleaning this weekend. 
The floor cleaner is not sticky, but I get use to have another round of clean water floor cleaning after each detergent clean, so it's very much up to the individual. 

Here is the inside of the Floor cleaner:

For tile and bathroom cleaner, it's in a spray bottle. I would prefer the cap to be a little tighter as it came off and unaligned - as per the picture. Usage is fine, as it is able to remove the dirts from the tiles easily.

Here comes the ECO Ant and cockroach bait! The plastic makes it transparent to be able to see if there is any ants. As for cockroach bait, it's in black colour - a very thoughtful one as cockroach loves dark area. Both below are ant bait, as I put it to the kitchen and another to the entrance of the house.
The ants has been travelling a lot to my kitchen lately during these rainy reason, and after 2 days, I haven't seen them, so hopefully it's working on fine. 

The garbage bag by Kleenso is a good quality, thick plastic material. You can see here I am trying to fit in M size garbage bag into my IKEA dustbin. Very big, I think it can fit in nicely to the big black or green recycle bin that they normally use outside some double storey houses. Or would be useful during big parties held at home to dispose paper plates, cups etc.

I would probably need to stick to the S size plastic for now. These big one can be used during my Chinese New Year spring cleaning!

Kleenso Resources' products are being carried by large retailers such as Giant Hypermarket, Cold Storage, Village Grocer and Aeon stores, as well as by popular family mart and convenience store chains such as Speedmart 99 and Mr. DIY. 

For more information on Kleenso Resources, visit

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