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My loved Innoscents organic products for the kids

I had gotten this product for the kids sometimes back and haven't got a chance to share with all. I love the vibrant colour of Little Innoscents packaging and I think it will be a great gift for kids for upcoming Christmas gift too! Whats best is it's organic, no paraben and others harming petrolchemicals.

For my girl April, I teach her about colours when I get it. Happy as a bee, she hold it for me to take a nice picture of our collection. There are Hair and Body Wash, Moisture Rich Body Lotion, Intensive Soothing Cream, Winter Blues Balm, Sun Lotion, Paw Paw Balm, Goat Milk Soap Bar and Hair Fudge. 

We are just back From Cherating and Little Innoscents Intensive Soothing Cream is a must after the long beach day. Gentle to the skin, and I had it all over the kids face, hands and body to keep their skin hydrated and supple. It works well, and glad to know that there is no peeling skin after exposing to sun for long.

Other than this, it can be used for Eczema rash treatment, Psoriasis, Nappy rash, Cracked hands and heels, Insect bites  and for small cuts too.

As for sun lotion, it did mention to apply every 4 hour to keep you well protected.

The blue tube is Winter Blues Balm. It warmth after application. It has the combination of essential oils - wintergreen, eucalyptus, spearmint, avocado, lemon, lavender, rosemary, peppermint, shea butter. I use it for kids nasal congestion and to relieve stomach pain and mild night cough. At least kids sleeps better after that, so that mummy got a good rest.

Hair and Body wash - I like 2 in one item, easy to use and you can just use for everything at one go. Love the scent as its sweet and aromatic. Just that it comes in a form of tube, and the liquid can be easily out leaving some smears. Would be good if they have pump packaging in future. Jaden loves to use it too. Smelling great after every bath. 

He won't miss the hair fudge when he go out. Haha. Time flies and this young gentlemen wants to look good, and a great hair do. I am trilled when I find this product at Little Innoscents, at least he don't need to use his dad hair gel (you wouldn't know what chemicals they put in, and whether it's safe for the children). Non sticky and yay! ready for a date.

Love the paw paw balm if you have cracked fingers like Jaden. April  loves it on her lips. I apply it at night to Jaden's finger and the next day, the cracked line gets better. It has been for 3 weeks now and there are improvement. 

Here is some of their range of products for your reference. Don't you love the colours? Time to shop for Xmas everyone!

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