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Diamond Sapindus Soap

Soap is not new to everyone but I always am a little skeptical on how it works for the face. To me in general soap is very alkaline and dry to the sensitive skin. But I always love to try the new product in town and here it is : Diamond Sapindus Soap. It's known usage for whole body cleanse and let's see how well it goes!

First foremost, love the golden packaging. It looks exclusive and great to know this product is from Taiwan. Taiwan is well known for many of its beauty products and skincare, and pretty assured that it does make a difference on it's good quality.

Diamond Sapindus Soap is made of the Sapindus Genus which contains the effects of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-itching. It says to eliminate menstrual and body odor and also soothes and nourishes our skin.

It is low alkaline, mild and skin-friendly soap and rich in variety of natural nutrients, contains all natural ingredients - no chemicals and paraben free.

The ferulic acid found in Sapindus is makes the skin delicate, shiny and elastic. The citric acid in Sapindus can help remove accumulated keratin on the outer layer of your skin, accelerate skin healing, reduces acne, dark spots, wrinkles, dry skin and rough skin problems. Apart from this, coconut oil is also added in Diamond Sapindus Soap. Hence, it produces a large amount of white foams that can deeply cleanse your body.

It is sealed neatly after you open the box

The golden colour of Diamond Sapindus Soap

It comes with a pouch, it ease the formation of bubbles once you get it in contact with water with a few rub

Some fun facts on the main ingredient in Diamond Sapindus Soap: SAPINDUS.

The kernel of sapindus have been passed on for centuries and is known as the highest graded rosary. It is recognised as the oldest praying bead in India and “Sapindus Kernel” have since been named as the “Bodisu”. The rich tea polyphenols extracted from sapindus is able to clear facial oils, act as an astringent to minimise pores, disinfect, sterilise and stops skin from aging.

My verdict:

I love the fact that it's a one for all soap that works as a full body cleanse, and I am trying on shampooing and probably tooth brushing soon too.

Best is, paraben free and it is using natural ingredients and you know that it is safe for the whole family to use, especially kids. One for all soap makes it easy and fast for me, as a mother to get them to shower, eliminates bottles of bath cleansers and shampoo. For myself, convenience is the key.

Well, all products has its limitation and I would say the only inconvenience is you have to let it dry in the pouch before you can hang it, otherwise the toilet door is going to get slippery. The earlier benefits superseded this, so it's still a good product to use and I think It's a lovely gift to your girlfriend. Valentine day is next week, so why wait? Who doesn't want to look beautiful and smells lovely?

To look beautiful, we seek for convenience too. Diamond Sapindus Soap keep my skin nourishes, and I have to say anti-aging is important at this age. 

Where To Get This?

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