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My Order at Printcious.com - Precious Gifts From your Heart

It has been a long time since I get any personalized gift for someone. I remember those days having our mug crafted at Central Market, and now Printcious made order so simple and check out the delivery.

The goods arrive on the 2nd day. Happy bunny me!

Wrapped in whole hearted box. Wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure everything is in piece by the time you get it. And yes, loving the outcome!

This will be in my new office.. reminding me on my so call "Diet" plan. 

Thanks Printcious and here is a recap on how easy it is to get order to your cart and get it sent to your doorstep, hence saving your transport and most importantly you don't be tired standing next to the kiosk that you use to, looking at samples after samples and still cant decide which design to go for. LOL. Yes it happen to me last time.
Here you go... for each item, you can choose different colour. 

Choose the Item, drag into the cart upon finishing and yes, its in the cart, and proceed to checkout!

 Creating text if you want to.
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