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Bring back your sparkling smile with Oral-B® 3D WHITE™ Whitestrips™

Thank you for the privilege to try Oral-B® 3D WHITE™ Whitestrips™ and herewith be able to share my experience with my blog readers. 
Whitestrips™ is a take-home teeth whitening products which able to remove up to 10 years of stains in 14 days. Here is the result from one of their customer after usage for one week.
Here are the benefits of using Oral-B® 3D WHITE™ Whitestrips™:

-           Start seeing results in 7 days

-           Removes tough coffee, wine & smoking stains

-           For up to 12 months of naturally radiant white smile

-           Simple, effective, and convenient

-           Affordable whitening experience

Here comes my experience with Oral-B® 3D WHITE™ Whitestrips™:

Oral-B® 3D WHITE™ Whitestrips™ is a transparent, stress-free to use sticker and I hope the below diagram does make understanding this product easier. Do avoid food during application. On every use, after 60 min, you will find the stickers turning into gel, and it’s easy to peel off. Ensure that no gel in between tooth and you can just gurgle or wipe any remaining off with soft tissues.
Basically it is a 14-days treatment and the whitening result can last for at least 6 months. For me, I start seeing the results in 7 days. It’s actually best to complete the whole treatment and continuous to use for 14 days to see strong results – this would probably apply to hard stains.

You may also visit Oral-B official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/OralBMalaysia/timeline and there are some videos to show how to use the Oral-B Whitestrips in 3 easy steps: http://spr.ly/6188B3nI6
Where to Buy?

If you would like to purchase this Oral-B Whitestrips kindly consult your dentists as this product is only exclusively available in dental clinics.
How Much?

Retail pricing i at the sole discretion of the retailers so please do check with your local store for details of pricing.
Here’s the link to check the participating dental clinics http://spr.ly/6181BrG7T

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