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Hanangell Skin Booster by Eve Magic

Having receive Korea's Latest Advanced Beauty Technology - Syringe of Skin Booster is very exciting. It reads a syringe of skin booster is equivalent to 10 sheets of facial masks.
It is greatly hydrating, smoothing, moisture whitening and classifies to cosmeceutical grade skin care product. Besides that, it has silky texture, refreshing and easily absorb to our skin.

Originated from Korea, the packaging is really nice with 2 syringe, 30ml each syringe in each packet. Some may use 4 syringe in a week, more or less very depending to personal preference on the amount of usage. Packed in form of syringe, you may have thought it comes with needle, those that you need to poke and inserts the liquid to the face for the hydrating effect. Well, it definitely is the first impression. Good news is, it’s just some serum aka skin booster in this context that comes in a syringe packaging.

Here comes the instruction on how to use the syringe as per my simplified diagram. The x-shaped head will need to be twisted to remove to ensure the flow of the skin booster for your usage.  It is properly capped and covered and very hygienic in my point of view.

 Suitable for ALL Skin types, with its main ingredients of skin booster contain hyaluronic acid and collagen, here are the shout out for Hanangell Skin Booster by Eve Magic:
 Anti-Oxidant  Refine Pores Anti-Wrinkle Deep Hydration Brighter Skin one Soft Skin Firmer Skin Anti Wrinkles Soothes Allergy Repair Basal Cells

You may apply twice a day during morning and evening after cleansing your face. I love it direct to the face, ending with some massage for full absorption.

My verdict:
Love this product when you want to get a quick nice, glowing complexion. This skin booster penetrates into the skin fast, brighten the skin and it’s well hydrated. Works perfectly well to the dry and dehydrated skin, in par with very hot weather lately.
The product is of natural components with No Hormones, Non Irritating, Lead and Mercury FREE, thus it is safe for Sensitive Skins and Pregnant Woman as well.

Do check out Hanangell Skin Booster @ Facebook or e-mail to info.evemagic@gmail.com.

This lovely product is selling at RM80/pack.
They are now offering special discount for all my readers. Do apply this code “HANANGELL20BLOGGER” for a 20% OFF till 1st of March 2017. 

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