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Iviora's Oxybright Beaute Beverage Collagen Review

Iviora Oxybright an unique formulation from France with perfect combination of Astaxanthin (Haematococcus Pluvialis), Rose Petal Extract, Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen peptides (small molecule size of collagen), White Fungus and Mixed Berries base on 5 unique elements (Improve, Protect, Maintain, Minimize and Rejuvenate) Iviora Oxybright also bind moisture and enhances skin hydration level for a greater absorption into skin with small molecule collagen peptides 1000± and enhancing in replenish and promotes collagen production within body rather than replacing absent collagen

Iviora Beauty Beverage (Collagen)
* Improve, Protect, Maintain, Minimize and Rejuvenate
* Perfect Anti-oxidants Booster
* Improve Skin Tone, Brightening, Moisture, Dryness, Firm and Elastic
* Protect Skin from UV and free radical damage from inside out
* Maintain Youthful and Healthy Skin
* Minimize Pores, Dark spots, Age spots, Wrinkles, Fineline, Acne
* Rejuvenate skin to become Fresh and Hydrated

Launching of IVIORA Beauty Beverage (Collagen) retail at RM196.00

Pre-Launch Promotion on Iviora Oxybright

After a week, I had experience a brighter skin tone, it minimize the pore a little and skin is firmer. Loving the effect and Oxybright is easy to consume. It comes in a sachet and I had it early morning before breakfast. When sometimes mask and daily facial routine doesn't work, this helps!

I had a cold this week, and some how or rather it helps too - because of its cherry extract? Nevertheless, it gives me a glowing skin - definitely for sure.

Iviora - Improve your skin inside out!

Check them out at:

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