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“Melabur” regularly by eating well for your health and beauty

As Malaysians, we all love to eat but there is also a way to enjoy healthy eating complemented by the right dietary supplements as we invest for good health, beautiful skin and a svelte figure. This is the idea behind InnerShine’s latest campaign, “Melabur”, which literally means invest.

Invest today with InnerShine Prune Plus with Camu Camu for a more beautiful you

Reason to “Melabur” #1
One of the best investments for a healthy body is to cleanse the body regularly with a natural and gentle detoxification regime that improves bowel movement to clean out the toxins from your body.

Reason to “Melabur” #2
The result? You will begin to have a great attitude because your skin is radiant, your favourite outfit will always fit, your mood will be much better because there is no discomfort in your tummy and better yet, no smelly gases are trapped in the body.    

Reason to “Melabur” #3
With all these improvements to your skin and body, you become more confident because the beauty that you have now comes from both inside and out. You are happier because there are no feelings of discomfort and you can be even more efficient at work because you are not distracted by bad health!
An easy and delicious way to invest in your beauty and health is by drinking InnerShine® Prune Essence plus Camu Camu, a natural fruit concentrate that is effective yet gentle to the body even with daily consumption. It helps to improve bowel movement while promoting a healthy digestive system that allows the body to absorb nutrients better.

Take it just before bedtime so that the InnerShine® Prune Essence plus Camu Camu can work gently on the body’s system while you sleep.

Invest in good health and eating well is now even easier with InnerShine’s latest partnership that allows its signature fibre-rich prune essence to be delivered straight to your door along with healthy meals prepared by online gourmet food delivery service, Dah Makan.

From March 7-30, every order of wholesome MSG-free meals made from fresh ingredients by Dah Makan will come with a free bottle of InnerShine® Prune Plus plus Camu Camu to help with digestion and detoxification after a tasty meal. Up to 2,000 bottles will be available for free while promotion stock last.

For more funny videos of why you need to invest in your health and beauty, visit http://www.brandsworld.com.my or InnerShine® Club facebook page where you can also share any tips you have then tag #NakLawaKenalahMelabur so that your friends can see it too.

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