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BRANDS : Win a SMART WHEEL Unicycle Every Day

Brands has been my companion during school exam most of the time - energy booster, convenient for mummies, just open the cap and voila! You get nutrition on the go.
Last week is a full weekend - attending Mrs Malaysia Final in Marriott Putrajaya.
You may say I am restless, but seeing BRANDS on my desk brings back the cheers.
First check out the new packaging!
Let's BRANDS Power Up Your Mind and Body

Leaving some for the kids too - Yes one bottle each and finish within seconds.
They could have few bottles, drinking like soup if I left it open and within their sight.
Exam is around the corner mummies - so it's time to refill your BRANDs supplies!

Regardless of who we are – a student, athlete, entrepreneur or a working professional – all of us have different goals and ambitions in life that we would like to pursue.

For example, the working professionals among us may push ourselves hard to impress our bosses in order to excel in our careers. However in doing so, we start to encounter common symptoms such as stress, frustration, mental and physical fatigue as we burn out, directly affecting our mood, productivity, competency, health, and the ability to achieve work-life balance.

This might sound worrying but BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken, a natural food supplement with no added salt and is cholesterol and fat free, can help power up your mind and body. Backed by over 40 International scientific papers, BRAND’S® is the only scientifically backed chicken essence brand in the market that can substantiate its claimed product benefits which include improved memory by up to 15%, enhanced concentration by 22%, and increased metabolism up to 16%.

Clinical studies show that regular consumption of BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken significantly improves one’s mental and physical performance while keeping stress at bay by reducing anxiety, mental and physical fatigue as it improves blood circulation and oxygen flow to the body and brain, particularly the brain’s prefrontal cortex – an area that controls executive functions such as attention, working memory, decision making and problem solving. Meanwhile, it also reduces cortisol, the stress hormone, often released during stressful events so that the ability to stay alert or focus is not affected. 

“For over 180 years, BRAND’S Essence of Chicken has been known and consumed worldwide for its restorative powers. Made for the mind and body, by drinking BRAND’S Essence of Chicken everyday makes a big difference as it helps us to attain a healthier body and sharper mind, allowing one to embrace life to the fullest,” said Vice President and General Manager of Cerebos Malaysia, Mr. Koh Joo Siang.

Challenge your mind and body by participating in the simple two-step “Win a SMART WHEEL Unicycle Every Day” contest. From now until 30th June 2016, just purchase any pack size of BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken and submit the completed contest form and you could be one of the lucky winners for the coveted SMART WHEEL electric unicycle while experiencing the goodness of BRAND’S Essence of Chicken. 

For more information, visit BRAND’S® Smart Living on Facebook or call BRAND’S® Customer Care Line at 1-300-228-300.

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