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Hot Mama Pageant happening in Klang Parade in conjunction of Mother's Day

Hot Mamas Unite! In Celebration of a Multifaceted Motherhood

Klang, 8 May 2016 – This Mother’s Day, Klang Parade played host to a brand new contest
that celebrates diversity in women and venerates mothers of all ages. The finale for the “Hot
Mama” Contest witnessed eleven stunning mothers showcasing their talents on stage, rocking
out in elegant gowns and trendy sportswear, then answering some very serious questions
about motherhood and what that means to them. The ultimate winner of the day was Lam
Pooi Leng, who was crowned by the celebrity judge and Malaysia’s very own top
supermodel, Amber Chia.

My Favourite contestant - confident brings her victory. Congrats Pooi Leng!
Motherhood does not spell the end of ambition for women, and this is why Klang Parade was
set to smash that convention this year, dispelling the notion that mothers can only be seen as
meek, modest, and domestic, through its Hot Mama Contest.

2016 is the year mothers bring sexy back onto Klang Parade’s stage, where charming, charismatic, and confident matriarchs are honoured on stage in conjunction with Mother’s Day. The highly anticipated contest kicked-off at Klang Parade on Saturday, 7 May, where semi-finalists who were selected from a pool of participants competed for a spot at the grand finals on Sunday, 8 May. Opened to all mothers above the age of 21, the contest offers a platform for women to showcase their
talents on stage, proving that motherhood simply enriches their lives, never once withholding
their dreams and ambitions.

“This was why we were ecstatic when Amber Chia agreed to do this with us,” comments
Intan Yusnita, Group Advertising & Promotions Manager. “Who better to judge our Hot
Mama Contest than Malaysia’s hottest mama?”

Alongside Amber Chia were two other judges, Cherrise Tan, owner of KEY The School of
Etiquette & Image, and Jazel Lim, model and social media influencer. Hosting the
programme was none other than the charming Gary Yap, who had the dual responsibility of
charming the gathering crowd at Klang Parade’s Main Court, while delivering tough
questions to the participants during the Q&A segment.

One of my favourite contestant. Not able to bag any prize home, would love to see her gaining more confident on stage - so close yet so far. We are praying that you would have more to say for the questions dear.

Mother's Day games for audience
Great talent - hand paint and love this

Ultimately, it was Lam Pooi Leng who was crowned champion as she inspired confidence to
the judges with her walk, amazed audiences with her talent, and wowed everyone with her
responses. Miki Lim Be Ching came in at a close second, while Viki Lim Bee Lian was
crowned second runner-up. More than RM30,000 worth of prizes were given out that day to
all the winners, and many of these were generous contributions by the event’s sponsors, such
as Amber Chia Academy, KEY The School of Etiquette and Image, and Gintell.

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