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Seven Seas #DontWorryMom campaign in supporting #FreeCanteen, a project initiated by Syed Azmi in 2015

Thanks Seven Seas for supporting Feed A Child Campaign.
One of the priorities at Seven Seas is ensuring the health of your little ones. We understand and identify with parents on the challenges of parenthood, and know only too well the many worries that come along with the job – from whether your child is getting enough sleep and play time, to making sure they eat a healthy balanced diet. But ensuring that your child receives sufficient nutrients can be tough.

This is why we have made it our business at Seven Seas to share with parents the worries of raising a child. Our dedication to your child’s health is firmly backed by over 80 years of experience and a responsibility to bring the highest quality of nutritional supplements that best supports your child’s nutritional needs.

At the core of the Seven Seas philosophy is the belief that a healthy life begins with great nutrition. In line with these beliefs and our continued efforts to alleviate parenting worries, Seven Seas is launching the Seven Seas #DontWorryMom Campaign which is aimed at promoting better health and nutrition for kids. Because worrying less means that you stay young and active for your family longer.

·         Studies have found that undernutrition and unhealthy dietary practices are still prevalent among children in Malaysia.

·         A study published in 2013 on Survey of Malaysian Children, which studied the nutritional status and dietary intake of children aged between six months and 12 years, found that 4.4% of the 3,542 sample population had a deficiency of iron and Vitamin A.

·         In another study it was found that the groups found to have the lowest intakes for most nutrients and the highest percentages that did not meet energy or nutrient recommendations, were actually pre-schoolers (4-7 years old) and school aged children (7-10 years old) from the lower income group.

With that said, as part of the campaign, Seven Seas has pledged to contribute RM1 from every unit of Seven Seas Kids products sold between 1 April to 30 June 2016, to support the #FreeCanteen programme, providing free meals to approximately 6,000 underprivileged school kids.  

The #FreeCanteen programme is an ongoing initiative by Syed Azmi Alhabshi to provide free meals during recess to underprivileged kids while at the same time, educating them on the value of a good, nutritious meal and the benefits it can bring to their general health and well-being. The programme is also a good opportunity for members of the public to get involved in a worthy charity project.
Schools are chosen by the public through Syed Azmi’s Facebook page whereby the public will be invited to suggest schools for the programme. Schools are then shortlisted based on the percentage of kids receiving aid from The Supplementary Food Programme (Rancangan Makanan Tambahan), a programme initiated by the Ministry of Education (MoE) Malaysia. 
The meals, which have been paid for in advance, are provided by the school canteen and distributed by the team of volunteers to all students during recess hours. When the kids break for recess, Syed Azmi welcomes them and gives a brief introduction. He tells them that with a good meal, they will be able to stay in school and learn more. He prompts them to say thank you to the people who have made this possible

In line with the #DontWorryMom campaign, Seven Seas has also launched a first-ever short web film, which shares the heart-warming story of Sara and her mother, the journey and worries of raising a child, and the power of unconditional love. The video can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/bwkfRbu8L94

Through the video, we are pleased to show our support for all mothers out there through the hashtag #DontWorryMom.
Seven Sea’s now is pledging to set aside RM1 from every unit of Seven Sea’s Kids products sold to provide recess meals to underprivileged children in selected schools.

Dreams do Comes true

Do Check out more at Seven Seas on launching of the campaign too.

(2nd from left) Mr Richard Lee, General Manager of Merck Consumer Health Division, Malaysia together with (far left) Ms Amber Chia; (3rd from left) En Syed Azmi Alhabshi, Charity Partner; (2nd from right) Puan Siti Izura Idris and (right) Mdm Racheal Chan at the launch of the Seven Seas #DontWorryMom Campaign

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