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B&B Laundry detergent and Softener from Mothercare #babyandbasic #bnbmalaysia

Thanks Motherhood for these exclusive laundry detergent and softener from Korea, namely BnB.

BnB also known as Baby and Basic is the most widely used brand among Korean moms for infant-related household products. BnB baby care products are free of harmful substances and made of natural ingredients only. Every product has an ‘AIEGE’ logo attached to it that promises to eliminate 30 potential harmful substances as proclaimed by European Bureau of Consumer Unions (BEUC) and USA’s environmental organisation EWC (Environmental Working Group).

Characterized by its iconic pink packaging, BnB ranges from laundry and household products such as baby detergent, fabric softener, soaps, stain removal, bottle cleanser to dental and infant care items such toothbrushes, toothpastes, cotton buds and cotton swabs. 

BnB product is suitable for Front Load Washing Machine

Fabric Detergent - 1500ml RM52.90

Made of 7 natural extracts (fermented bean, willow tree, portulaca, cinnamon, oregano, cypress tree, root of skullcap) which has antibacterial effects and protects the skin.

• Contains Murumuru fruit grown in the Amazon that has a natural cleaning effect
• No harmful chemicals(preservative, SLS, SLES, fluorescence brightening agent, phosphate, synthetase)
• Over 97% biodegradability that is Eco-friendly and safe for the skin
• No skin irritation.

Fabric Softener (Jasmine) - 1500ml RM52.90
Made of 7 natural extracts (fermented bean, willow tree, portulaca, cinnamon, oregano, cypress tree, root of skullcap) which has antibacterial effects and protects the skin.
• No harmful chemicals(preservative, SLS, SLES, fluorescence brightening agent, phosphate, synthetase)
• Comes in floral Jasmine and Rose fragrance to aid
baby in having better sleep.
• Contains antibacterial substances that prevent any germ
• No skin irritation(S-mark awarded by Korean Chemical Synthesis Testing Lab).

Love the soft after effect
For soft dolls too. Leaving it smelling fresh

Where to Get This?

Available in major baby retail stores like Mothercare and selected Aeon and Tesco.

Mothercare Outlets:

Causeway Point
Forum The Shopping Mall
HarbourFront Centre (Flagship)
Kallang Leisure Park (Outlet)
KK Women's and Children's Hospital 
Parkway Parade
Plaza Singapura
Marina Square
Tampines Mall
The Seletar Mall
West Coast Plaza

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