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Having Fun with Family in Port Dickson? Pick These Delightful Hotels!

Having Fun with Family in Port Dickson? Pick These Delightful Hotels!

Craving to have a super fun time with family? Why don't you go to Port Dickson (PD) on the next holiday? (or maybe on this weekend!). Situated only 60 km from Kuala Lumpur, PD is another haven for the family.

There are plenty attractions in Port Dickson that suits the entire family. Especially those with the kids, PD presents numerous recreations on its destination. You can combine the educational and entertainment trip with the kids on the Ostrich Farm and Wan Loong Chinese Temple, or bring them enjoying the total recreation in PD waterfront. Even the beaches in PD are very relaxing and fun for the kids.

The super fun times with family in this port city became more exciting if you stay at the right hotel. Commonly, the best Port Dickson Hotels located on the beachfront since the city is popular as the beach destination among the Malaysian. In fact, there are also distinctive hotels to choose if you want to spoil the family, which are listed below! Remember, these hotels also recommended by Traveloka & Trip Advisor users.

Avillion Port Dickson Hotel
Jalan Pantai 3rd Mile Port Dickson
Expanding on the 23-acre area on the seafront, this is the Port Dickson hotel that will give your family a total refreshment. Stay on the spacious water chalets is the right choice to bring your kids happy, especially with the balcony above the sea. It feels like you sleep in the floating house in the middle of the sea.

The whole hotel’s area is like the playground for your family. There is the ample green garden with some animals around. Some patios with big chair overlooking lovely panorama available so you can relax while the kids play and blend with nature. The pool consists of an adult pool, kids pool, and lagoon pool.

Another option to humor your kids is either in the kids’ room or at the playground. Karaoke lounge is available for another fun time with family. Avillion Port Dickson Hotel has 4 restaurants and bars, spa and sauna, fitness center, tennis and beach volley area, also tour and travel service that also provided for an impeccable family retreat in Port Dickson.

Lexis Port Dickson
Jalan Seremban Batu 2
As a 4-star resort, Lexis Port Dickson attracts the tourist with its Balinese tropical style. This is the perfect place to bring your family into 2 places at one time – Malaysia and Bali.

You can choose to stay in the guestrooms or the magnetic water chalets that accented with Balinese-influence, using the tumble stone, elevated bedroom, and tropical hardwood floorboard that very lovely to see. The accommodation is spacious and comfortable with open bathroom features underneath seawater viewing from the glass panel on the floor also the private balcony.

While staying in Lexis Port Dickson, take your family to savor the great culinary retreat from the on-site restaurant and coffee shop. Embracing fun times either in the swimming pool, karaoke café or the video games rooms. For the baby and toddler, there is a children’s playground with various attractions. Sports facilities and fitness center are also available for the teenage and adult family member.

Glory Beach Resort
Jalan Seremban Batu 2
This 3 star Port Dickson hotel is stretched in the 10-acre land at Tanjung Gemok Beach. This benefit brings the family can enjoy a fun time on the very first beach in Port Dickson all day long.

The hotel offers guestrooms in service apartment concept, complemented with kitchenette and 3-star facilities, making you can feel just like at your own home. As 3-star hotel, Glory Beach Resort offers more for a family retreat. This hotel houses a lot of recreational facilities to spoil the family.

Some family-friendly facilities you can’t find on the other Port Dickson hotels are X-treme games and turtle hatchery center. The turtle hatchery center that nestled on the hotel’s private beach is the place where you can humor the family and teach them how to love the wildlife. The other facilities that suit the family are seafront swimming pool with poolside bar, steam and sauna, gym, children’s playground, mini market and souvenir shop, massage service, and watersport and BBQ service.

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