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Little Twig Shampoo and Baby Oil

Thanks Koyara for the Little Twig Shampoo and baby oil.

Here is the packaging outlook. With its tagline: Natural Care for the whole family.
I have always love Lavender, here Tangerine smell is unique too.

Here are the benefits of little twig range of products:

The shampoo is in the form of liquid, and upon lather on hand there is minimal bubbles, unlike some of products off the shelf. Kids enjoyed using it as there is no irritation to the eye, due to it's organic and safe content.

As for Little Twig baby oil, we love it to use to massage the whole body before sleep. With a nice lavender smell, it promotes good sleep and massage with little twig baby oil also promotes good bonding between parents and kids.

Can't wait to try on lavender baby wash so that I could share more with you, my readers - as it was currently out of stock.

Baby wash is something that parents look for, as we need something soothing so that it doesn't dry the skin, especially dealing with eczema.

Stay Tune!

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