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DASHING ADVENTURER introduce the first NO GAS deodorant spray in Malaysia!

DASHING is proud to announce the re-launch of its ADVENTURER collection of EDT’s, Deodorants and Roll-On fragrances. The new fragrances are specially formulated to last longer and provide freshness throughout the day, especially for active men. These 2 variants named BOLD 2.0 - aquatic scent with fresh, crisp and enticing fragrance and EDGE 2.0 as per our review below:
Thanks for having us to try on EDGE 2.0 series and here is the new packaging:

The new premium packaging for DASHING ADVENTURER comes in a variety of vibrant colours. The unique packaging also features interesting 3D touch design that will impart the exclusive look and feel to their consumers. The box surface is laden with textures for elegant and exclusive touch. EDGE 2.0 is specially designed with Jeep tyre print to epitomise the extreme sports and outdoor activities, in line with the characteristic traits of a true blue adventurer.

Unlike conventional deodorant sprays that finishes within 3 weeks, the NO GAS deodorant spray as its name suggests, contains compact pure deodorant liquid that can provide up to 750 sprays per can and able to last up to 2 months. Besides providing 6-in-1 benefits, consumers too can enjoy twice the fragrance compared to normal plus cost saving! Moreover, the quick drying technology will leave your underarms feeling dry and prevents bacteria growth whilst providing unparalleled and everlasting freshness throughout the day. 

Deodorant Spray 150ml – Available in 3 variants, BOLD 2.0, EDGE 2.0 and PURE ENERGY
retails at RM 18.90 inclusive of 6% GST.

Deodorant Roll-Ons 40ml - Available in 3 variants, BOLD 2.0, EDGE 2.0 and PURE ENERGY
retails at RM 6.50 inclusive of 6% GST. 

EDT 50ML - Available in 2 variants, EDGE 2.0 and XTREME retails at RM 18.90 inclusive of 6% GST. 
EDT 100ML – New variant PURE ENERGY retails at RM 34.50 inclusive of 6% GST.

Hubby like the EDGE 2.0 EDT series as it comes with fresh citron smell with mild scents of geranium and greens. The hint of cedar wood adds woody undertones. Freshness especially at work for hours.

As for deodorant rolls on, it has the same scent, somehow or rather I felt the smell is stronger. Deodorant spray is great as it's quick drying and with no gas technology, great for environment too.

Definitely something for the on the go masculine man - if you are on a budget, EDT Edge 2.0 is worth to try. 
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