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Pelikan launched its sister brand Herlitz’s 2016 schoolbag range, 'Clever Classmate'.

Congratulation to German Stationery Brand Pelikan for the launch of their latest Herlitz Schoolbags range, 'Clever Classmate'. Herlitz schoolbags are known to meet the demands of children and parents when it comes to safety and ergonomics features, and 'Clever Classmate' is set to improve these features and at the same time, offer plenty of attractive and fun designs which will set the trend amongst school going children.

The 'Clever Classmate' collection was launched at Pelikan's flagship retail outlet, the Pelikan Store at The Gardens Mall. Speaking at the event, Head of Pelikan Malaysia Ms Loo Phik Yin said, “We are confident that the new attractive designs and improved ergonomic features of the 'Clever Classmate' collection will be more suitable and meet the requirements of parents and students alike, while at the same time we hope that the herlitz schoolbags will gain more attention and popularity amongst students.”

Refreshment sponsored by Delectable - The Gardens Mid Valley, with Pelikan mascot appearance occupied the kids.
You may ask what is so unique with Herlitz “Clever Classmate”schoolbag?

a) Highest quality in manufacturing standards and materials, therefore a guarantee in high reliability and durability. 

b) Clever allocated space for school materials. 

c) Equipped with breathable and ergonomically shaped back padding on all models - for carry comfort and optimal weight distribution

d) Reflective material of the quality brand 3M which reflects light especially at dimmer places aimed to accompany your child safely to school and back home. 

e) In some models there is magnetic twist “Smart Lock” that allows the bag to open easily and close automatically. 

Most of the herlitz schoolbags sold in the market are “Plus” models, meaning to say the schoolbags are filled with additional accessories such as sports bag, lunch box, pencil case and pencil pouch. The best part is that herlitz schoolbags are generally light in weight despite the sizes.

There are eight models available under the 'Clever Classmate' collection, each with their own unique features. The 'Flexi' and 'Motion' models are the biggest in terms of weight and volume, which
make them suitable for upper primary pupils. 'Sporti', 'Midi', 'Smart', 'Mini' and 'Children Backpack' are more suitable for the younger pupils while the 'Rookie' and 'Mini Softbag' models are for children attending kindergarten and pre-schools.

The herlitz schoolbags are attractive in designs with high quality and ergonomic features.
Some Clever Classmate collection that caught my eyes during the launch.
From Top right: Herlitz Backpack, Herlitz Mini Softbag, Herlitz Motion Plus, Herlitz Mini, Herlitz Sporti Plus.
Jaden with his motion plus bag. It feels lighter even with the same content of books compare with other bags. Daddy is really happy to see herlitz has a perfect adjustable chest strap and removable hip strap that gives the perfect support of weight. With Herlitz adjustable shoulder straps and breathable back padding, kids are assured of great back support too.
Included in the motion series plus bag is 17pcs motion pencil box

Check this out: I love the fact that the bag is very different from the traditional look of the normal school bag. It looks like a backpack just as the "Deuter" backpack that daddy has for outing too. 

The 'Clever Classmate' collection is available at the Pelikan Store as well as at the selected outlets of Times bookstores, Borders Bookstore, MPH Bookstores and Isetan (KLCC and The Gardens Mall).

Batik Painting art class using Pelikan Royal Blue Ink 4001 to paint the paper and using Pelikan ink eradicator to draw the pattern. It's unique compared to the draditional drawing on art block. 
The art class is conducted every weekend at Pelikan store, The Gardens Mid Valley.

Other than the 'Clever Classmate' schoolbags, the event at Pelikan Store also saw the launching of new products by Pelikan, herlitz and Susy Card, a brand that specialises in papeterie and party supplies. The new products launched were griffix®, Twist® and Style writing instruments, Space+ paintbox 24 colours and water container from Pelikan, the SmileyWorld Rainbow & Splash stationery series from herlitz.

Where Is This?

Pelikan Store @ The Gardens Mid Valley

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