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Create Magical Moments with Enchanteur: Simple Steps to a Magical Day

Thanks to ENCHANTEUR PR for making my day! A lovely pink box wrapped in a white satin ribbon is indeed sweet and lovely to start my working day!

ENCHANTEUR is encouraging everyone now to create your magical moments every day. Have you ever think that magical moment needs plenty of planning? To me, moments of fun very depends how you react to situation. Create that happy moments and it might win you something interesting from ENCHANTEUR.

For that romantic magical moment to happen, here are ENCHANTEUR products available for that captivating scent:

a) ENCHNATEUR Perfumed Shower Crème. Retails @ range of RM9.20 to RM13.65
b) ENCHANTEUR Perfumed Lotion to apply after shower. Retails @ range of RM7.50 - RM21.00
c) ENCHANTEUR Perfumed Roll-on Deodorant or Body Mist to help you continuously stay fresh and every ready to take on your activities. Retails @ range of RM4.90 to RM11.90
d) ENCHANTEUR Eau de Toilette to apply on your pulse points; that comes with a distinctive scent of Enchanteur’s French-inspired fine fragrance. Retails @ range of RM18.75 to RM33.50.

For more information about ENCHANTEUR and it’s contest, please log on to www.enchanteur.com.my or check out Enchanteur’s Facebook at www.facebook.com/EnchanteurMY

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