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Passion D'Tox for Asian Mummies who loves Life, who loves to Eat and get Slim!

Yay! The parcel is here. Thanks for the opportunity to try out Passion D'tox.

For those who knows me well, I seldom look into slimming products unless it is for trial. As there are a lot of news circulating around with laxatives content that will caught you on diarrhea and other side effects.

I am very particular in the content. The first thing when I got the product is reading every detail in it, making sure there is no laxatives and artificial colour. The product did assure me further that it has a product liability insurance of RM2 million; giving me more confident to try it out without hesitation. Moreover, it has halal certification if you are concerned.

Let's see, holiday season is around the month of November and December and who can resist yummy and delicious food when we are holidays?? Seafood, steaks, kuih, fried chicken, local nasi lemak and not forgetting curries - perfect in these rainy days... wah... heaven! Not forgetting, snacks, chips, and my favorite mint chocolate ice cream. I love to crave for chocolates too - happy food. And in no time I realize I gain that few unwanted kilo out of no where..

Running after kids at home, cleaning their stuff, laundry and house works did make me lose a little, but see the picture below? I love to cook, and am happy when kids love to eat my meals. Happy meaning you will tend to eat more at home too - you take the leftovers, finishing kids plate too. and kids not only eat 3 times a day, they had supper and snacks in between and there goes MY diet!

Ok, I start to get panic - as in REAL PANIC when I have events coming up and trying to fit that "2 years ago dress". Just a little bit more to fit into that really nice gown. Red carpet VVIP - ahhh must look really good. I try not to eat so much of carbo for the entire week.. but it doesn't really work. Okay, I did go to gym one of the day (haha emphasizing one day, hoping to slim), it only tighten up the muscle - okay not the last minute solution.

Then came Passion D'tox - and I try it, giving it not many hope at first. But it works wonder!

Passion D'Tox contains passion fruits and mix of berries that are rich in fibre. You may want to consume it as soon as you mix with water, otherwise the mixture will be thick and glue-ey.

Mix1  sachet  into  150ml  room  temperature  water,  stir  well  and  consume  immediately.   For maximum  result,  drink  a  glass  of  warm  water  the  next  morning.   *Ensure  sufficient  daily  water  intake  to  support  the  detox  process*  

With its ingredients, it's safe to take during menstruation days too.

Seriously, this is not any slimming tea, but it actually helps to detox and works well for the tummy. Getting to toilet few rounds - it cleans the systems well. Happy as a bee for the result. Do you know that aging begins from the colon? I can't fake my age, but having a healthier colon brings me better health, less illness and being a mum, there is no way, well quite impossible to take leave from our role as a mother. When your children calls you, basically we are on a 24 hour on call duty.

TADAA... fit in to my gown perfectly well. Thanks Passion D'Tox - my life saver.

Try for yourself. Consume it before your bed time. For a healthier gut and colon.

Besides my daily skincare, detox did play a part when I have got more compliments recently on my skin - Hey, Jessie you look younger lately. (Flattered! *blush*) 

Here are some benefits of Passion D'Tox  

• Rich  in  fiber,  vitamin  C  &  vitamin  E.  
• Soluble  fiber  forms  gel  in  the  digestive  track  to  flush  out  impurities  and  toxin.  
• Helps  with  constipation  –  insoluble  fiber  acts  like  a  broom  that  sweep  colon  clean.  
• Reduce  unhealthy  fat  by  blocking  excessive  carbohydrates  and  calories.  
• All  natural  –  no  added  sugar,  laxative  and  artificial  colours.  
• No  side  effect  –  all    natural  ingredients  clinically  formulated.  
• Increase  the  number  of  healthy  bacteria.  
• Improve  skin  quality.  
• Prevent  skin  ageing.  
• Enhance  skin  moisturising.  
• Promote  skin  whitening.  

For more information, you can get it from:

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