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Pokemall - a new apps store for mummies to buy and sell in an easy way!

There is a new buy and sell apps in town and this not only encourage small businesses but also having a free platform enable them to reach more customers and saving cost of advertising.

To us, mummies who have to babysit our kids, we would not have so much time in browsing and attending to complicated apps for selling or buying the things that we need online. It need to be super fast and deals have to be quick.

You need to check this out!

Easy to sell - Take a photo of your product, share it to your followers and you are done
Manage Orders and Payments - All in one chat! Secure and safe!
Unique shops - Explore thousands of products and create your own feed!
Simple, fun and free - Selling and Buying on Pokemall is simple and fun, and it is all for free
Likes, comments, hashtags - Get social with thousands of shops or interact with your customers
Get more customers - Find new customers and followers on Pokemall every day

One will have multiple choice of login...

You may key in your products details upon getting your account, have a name of your own store:

How would you want to collect or deliver to your doorstep or meet up somewhere for the transaction? A more flexible option is available too. And you could include a few payment method to make it convenient for your customer.
Here it is, an easy to use platform, and what's best is you can get started in seconds. Easy to take photo with your smartphone and upload into the apps. And when you have posted the product it will instantly appear to all of your followers and loyal customers so that they can buy it from you.

When you receive a question from a follower or customer on Pokemall it will show up as a chat message and you will get a notification on your phone. And when the customer is ready to buy they can do so right from the chat conversation, and you can respond to the order simply by texting them back.

Thanks to Pokemall, it made selling just even more easier for us. Drop by to my pokemall store at http://pokemall.com/jessiekpk. If you notice, I would have Hydra Lips Booster by ARTDECO at Pokemall that is worth RM49. Now only RM24.50 at my pokemall store.

It's 50% off.
#pokemall #artdeco #lipstick http://pokemall.com/jessiekpk

Hydra Lips Booster by ARTDECO at Pokemall

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