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Belvita biscuit - a healthy and nutritious breakfast choice

Thanks Belvita for the breakfast surprise! Often after preparing breakfast for the family,  sending off the kids to school and I am too tired that I skip breakfast most of the time and have brunch instead.

Today, Belvita gave me a surprise breakfast pack to start the day, at the same time reminding me how important breakfast is to gain our energy. Its also an example of a simple combination of nutritious breakfast that includes Belvita breakfast biscuit, yogurt, coffee and an apple. These are something that could actually make the day brighter.

The taste? Love the chocolate chips and well crunch.

One person serving - all you need to start your day

The individual packing and right bite size of 2 pieces make it easy for us to grab a pack to put inside the handbag, to consume anytime we want.

One may enjoy Belvita Breakfast Biscuits as part of a balanced breakfast with a serving of low-fat dairy and fruit. Here are some examples for you to start with:

· Fresh strawberries and creamy non-fat Greek yogurt
· Crunchy apple slices topped with low-fat cheese
· Banana and a non-fat latte for mornings on the go
· A frosty fruit smoothie made with low-fat Greek yogurt, frozen blueberries, and ice

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