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Hassle Free MOLPay with Pixajoy Mobile App

Photobook has been one of our best keepsake where best memories throughout the years is kept. Kids love browsing our photobook whenever they had free time and asking question and had a good laugh over at some of the acts that we captured through the lens.

Pixajoy had made making photobook easier by having a mobile apps, and everything can be done using mobile. Since now every photo is kept in my mobile, doing a photobook on mobile is much more easier with this mobile application.

One may start to download Pixajoy Apps using this link:
Pixajoy app download : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=my.com.pixajoy&hl=en

You may customized the page layout. To select the page, and select the layout at the bottom.

You will need to login to Pixajoy account before you could add into the cart and check out for payment.

Upon checkout and acceptance of order by Pixajoy, you will be redirect to a payment gateway. I could now customize my photo in my phone into print out memories using Pixajoy and experience a user friendly payment method.

The payment gateway that I use to pay at Pixajoy is from MOLPay. I like the simple process and most important, hassle free as you just want to get it done quick. I just need to key in my personal details once and it will appear on my payment page details thereafter.

A few payment gateway for you to choose from. More convenient for the user like me!

You may now try this as we are offering Reader reward for our readers:

    • Discount code - PARENTSLOVEPB
    • Enjoy photobook at RM4.90 instead of RM69
    • This discount code offer excluding shipping fee
    • Voucher Code valid till 30 September 2017.
    • Only applicable for Mini Softcover 6" x 6" Photo Book, 36 Pages.
    • Shipping fee: RM8 to West Malaysia, RM10 to East Malaysia, RM24 to Singapore (subject to 6% GST).
    • Only one (1) photo book purchase per account.

Do check out MOLPay Website :https://goo.gl/RBnH6t


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