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We had CHEWIES and its in Malaysia Book Of Records; in the Largest Participation of An Immunity-Boosting Gummies Taking Session

Today we join in with 1800 school children in participation for Malaysia Book of Records for the “Largest Participation in An Immunity-Boosting Gummies Taking Session”

As early as 10.00am, we can see excited students crowd filled in Sunway Amphitheatre.

Children’s are greeted with Mascot appearance and dance featuring superhero fighting bacteria; followed by Magic clown and game show.

The games on stage includes the importance of immune system, stressing on how proper nutrition, necessary supplements and vitamins is vital for childrens.

It’s Chewies Immunolicious time! It’s fun being in the group along to create a memorable event. Best is each child is given a Certification of Participation for them to keep.

Presentation of certificate from Malaysia Book of Records
Here is the new “Chewies”. 

For mummy and daddy, getting them to consume vitamins is so much easier and there are no more running away from bitter tablets. We are more than happy to get more bottles to boost their immunity, especially during these flu season that happening around schools lately.

Cheers and we are off to Sunway Lagoon park to have some fun, of course with a better immunity now, rain or shine! Thanks, CHEWIES!

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