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Faber-Castell Watercolour Soft Pastels

Thanks Faber - Castell for the new Watercolour Soft Pastels. Kids love the easy to colour and colouring is faster and not much smudge in comparison with traditional pastels sticks. 
With it's pen-like and roll up design, it's more savvy as there is less broken pastels to deal with.
Love this product and a great tools for small toddlers.

Colouring or painting is a simple activity that can help children improve their motor skills, dexterity and develop a creative mind. This leads to a happier childhood, which in turn, promotes healthier adolescent years. Children are naturally drawn to bright hues and introducing various shades of colours help to foster imagination and originality at a tender age. In fact, colouring has also proven to be a therapeutic activity with many adults taking up colouring as a hobby!

Many more techniques. The Watercolour Soft Pastels is able to provide different finishing to the users – they are able to use it as it is which gives a silky smooth and pigmented crayon to an oil pastel finishing or add an additional step by lightly brushing it with water to achieve a watercolour effect

There is no sharpening required on the Watercolour Soft Pastels, making it a very convenient colouring tool for school-going children.

The pigmented Watercolour Soft Pastels are ideal for young children and beginners as they have a good grip that easily glides across the page. It also excellent for any surfaces from paper, glass to mirrors and the colours are vibrant on dark or light surfaces.

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  1. Wow, watercolor nowadays in pen-like design? Wahhh, senangla..Masa zaman saya dulu kena picit-picit watercolor. Kalau dah kering, lagi la stressful nak memicitnya 😅 hahaha




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