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Healthy Skin is Happy Skin! My Favourite Facial cleanser from Neutrogena.

What's best than getting an effective facial wash that could clean,  affordable and easily available in the market? Another plus point is that it's from a reputable brand in the market. Neutrogena has been in the market for years and it's one of my beauty item back in college too.
Check out their new happy skin 24/7 which consist of deep clean range being:
- foaming cleanser
- blackhead eliminating daily scrub
- cleansing oil to foam

Awww... loving these!
Here you are an insights of these 3 items. Packaging of each item is sealed and there are proper covered; which gives assurance of hygiene.

If you can see here - 3 products have different texture. From left, the texture consist of clear liquid or oil-gel form,  while scrubs come with liquid too but with bits of tiny pearl like particles which is not too harsh on skin.  As for foaming cleanser,  it comes in cream form.

When it comes to how it reacts with water,  I had it mix with water and foaming cleanser appears with most foam. It really depends on individual preference on which cleanser to choose and the focus of your skin concerns. Some loves more foam - like my hubby he feel that having more foam gives him the feel of "better clean".


My Favourite: Definitely Deep Clean Cleansing Oil to Foam!

For me I love all the 3 cleansers as it targets on my skin, but since cleaning make up is my priority, I will take cleansing oil to foam as my favourite.

Love the fact that it's easy to rinse and clean make up perfectly within seconds. When choosing facial wash, I really need a cleanser which leaves no residue and gentle on skin. Else you will feel sticky even after wash.

Often make up remover will have traces of alchocol which would dry up the skin a little but with this, Oleifera leaf extract content make it safe for daily use too without irritating the skin.

Love the herbs scent - I think it's due to the rosemary extract content. mmmm.. Great senses comes from good smell - don't you think?

Being a busy mummy, time is really important and I try to keep things at speed. This cleanser is great as this is a 2 in 1 and it wouldn't be necessary to carry remover and cleanser separately.

Happy skin,  happy mummy, 24/7 and it works perfectly.

Checking out the blue packaging and this is for normal/ combination skin, and suites me best. I like the neat packaging and the pump concept is important so that we did not have to turn over the bottle, just press, wash and let the pump get the liquid ready for your next use.

Deep Clean Cleansing Oil to Foam 142ml (Retail Selling Price RM44.90)
Refreshing day after cleansing. ;)

Night peeps! Check out my review too in You Tube below and hope you had chosen the right one for your skin type too.

Do check out Neutrogena range of cleanser that suites your skin and your target needs. I am sure there is something for everyone. Try it to love it. Happy Skin 24/7!

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  1. Thanks for sharing of this cleanser. I hope it will be effective on my skin and makes my skin fresh and clean. I am also looking for solutions for make up stain removal on my pillow and sofa.




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