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Jorayc Hair Shampoo and Hair Mask

After hair colouring, a good shampoo that is suitable for coloured hair is important. I had tried Jorayc Shampoo recommended by a friend, for treatment and hydration. It's to ensure the colour does not fade easily, and at the same time restore it's moisture. It had not much foam, and the hair could get a bit dry after using the shampoo. I may not say it's bad, maybe due to the content. (I had tried organic children shampoo and the effect it's the same) - maybe less chemical?

To use the hair mask thereafter - a perfect combination as it leaves the hair soft and easy to manage. I like the texture and colour of the mask. 

Overall, I like the packaging, love the hair mask from Jorayc. You have an option to use it as normal conditioner too and have it rinse immediately. Else, leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse off like any other hair mask. 

Jorayc has a wide range of products and the above is available nationwide. 


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