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Syahirah Korean Secrets new Hydra Soft Halal Range

I love the packaging the moment I see it. Lovely turquoise, my favourite colour. Just in time for my flight - look at the eye pack - adorable isn't it?

I have this few packed in the luggage and I am ready for a flawless and hydrated skin with the complete regimen:

Facial Scrub:Formulated with soft exfoliation beads that helps to remove dirt and dead skin cells, giving you smoother and refined skin.
Facial Cleanser Gel:Cleanses the dirt whilst keeping the skin moisture in balance.

Alcohol-Free Toner:Helps minimise the pores and refreshes the skin after every wash. It also enhances the skin’s absorption and subsequently smoothen the skin.

Moisturising Cream:Provides skin with the adequate moisture so the skin remains fresh and glowing.

SYAHIRAH Korean Secrets is formulated with Tri-Flower Essence with ingredients from Jeju Island, Korea. The Tri-Flower Essence comprises of Ginseng flower, Chamomile and Green Tea that supplies adequate hydration to keep the skin healthy and hydrated.Beside moisturing it also contains antioxidants that will reduces irritation and brightens the skin.

I personally like the range - the moisturising cream is not oily and keep our skin hydrated - even on flight or long hour in the office. The toner comes with a nice smell too, best is it's without alcohol - safer to use. Most of all, still love the turquoise packaging. ;)

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