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WD-40 actually cleans my sticky luggage bag surface!

I had been waiting for the use of one WD-40 mini sample that I got for review.

Here is the result of my review with an unusual finding.  WD-40 not only for commercial use but also great for desperate mummy like myself.

I had been searching on the remedy getting off the sticky surface of luggage bag and I saw someone had suggested WD-40. Yes,  very excited and hoping it will work out. Imagine I had tried washing the whole bag with detergent, soap, baking powder and soda even cuticle remover. I end up feeling crazy scrubbing the bag in the toilet, brushing the bag with toothbrush - too small and I use a clothes brush instead.  Still not working. Half of my bottle of RM35 cuticle remover gone, leaving my nail polished smudged. Arghhh.

In desperation to remove the sticky surface coz I bought the Densey luggage bag at a steal price and really want to bring it to Taiwan a week after coz it has a good locking system.

See the sticky plastic before using WD-40.

Many uses of WD-40!

Can't express how delighted I am- WD-40 saves the day. Hubby get another big can from Ace hardware. He did the job this time.  Went to the balcony, spray WD-40 to the surface and wipe it off with a dry cloth after 15 min. Need some strong muscle help. Well have to bear with the oily tiles as the wind blew the particles all over the balcony area. 

A better option will be to spray on the dry cloth but we find too much WD-40 absorbs into the cloth - not too efficient. Maybe try to spray it in the garden or a big open area. You will save time in cleaning up.

The bag surface got better now and more manageable. At least the rubbery texture is not as sticky a before. 

Thumbs up!

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