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My Korean Craze - Klairs Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion & Mochi BB Cushion Pact

Thanks Hermomy for these lovelies! Look at that cute mochi face! ;)

I can't escape the recent crazy heatwave and Klairs Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion come to me at the right time. Hehe.

Everyone is surrounded by UV rays all the time. Do you know that we are prone to UV rays, not only from the outdoor sunlight but you could have it indoors too - office florescent lighting, even computer rays.  

KLAIRS Mid-day Blue Sun lotion is made to protect our skin from harsh UV rays as well as providing protection from direct heat to guard our sensitive skin from those miserable heatwaves. It's suitable for all skin type too.

I love the sky blue of this lotion, something special and most important, it doesn't dry my skin upon applying. An effective sun protection too when kids tell me "Mummy, you will need to join us at the park". 

For me, I like to use this as a makeup base, to give an even skin tone to my complexion. 

Came in 50 ml, it's handy to put in my handbag. 


The next one is Klairs Mochi BB Cushion Pact. You just wanted to own it badly cause of the cute packaging - the white mochi design. Just too adorable that you dint mind showing and sharing with your girlfriends.

I love the fact that it's a nice, chic, convenient portable BB cushion pact to bring around, it came with a built-in cap case, which to me is hygienic. 

You will need to press the sponge to get the liquid soaked in.

After apply - see my face on the left as below, it neutralizing redness of the skin and looks healthier.

Where to Get This?
You may get the above 2 product from Hermomy Website. By the way,  they do sell the facial sponge alone if you need to replace it after some time. 

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