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Review of Lunavie premium Maternity/Overnight pads

I got this from the website https://www.lunavie.com/premium-maternity-pad and would like to review for mummies reader benefit.

If you happen to have a heavy flow, even if you are not during your maternity. this is ideal as I love the absorbent of the cotton pads. I use it at night for a comfort sleep. 

The packaging is neat and the pad comes with wing, which would prevent leaking too.

Here is some of the facts about this product that I got on website:

Lunavie premium Maternity/Overnight pads are extra-long and comfortably padded to give confident and secure protection for the natural blood loss experienced after giving birth. It offers Multiple layers of comfort and protection. On top is the Ultra-soft Cotton Layer, which gives freshness and softness like no other. It has Anti-bacterial Surface which effectively provides extra protection against bacteria causing skin diseases and vaginal itching. An Absorption Layer locks moisture in while maintaining the surface dry. This is followed by an Anti-leak Guard which enhances protection against liquid outflow.

Advantages of using Lunavie Premium Maternity/Overnight Pads:-
-For maternity or heavy flow use
-PH compatible and hypoallergenic
-Ultra thin and soft for full comfort
-Extra-large size (36 cm) provides maternity women maximum care and protection
-Absorbent core with specially designed channels to help prevent leakage
-May helps prevent most of menstrual discomfort
-Come with Side Wings for secure fit

Why shift to Lunavie Premium Maternity/Overnight Pads?
-Lunavie is a revolutionary sanitary napkin made of 100% pure cotton with breakthrough anti-bacterial treatment
-Cotton being an organic ingredient is safe to use and reduce chances of developing bacterial causes diseases.
-It also has the right pH compatibility that provide dryness and freshness.
-Lunavie promises every woman, enhanced self-protection and full comfort

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