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Solve my aging fine lines problem with Pond's Age Miracle

Aging - I can tell you it does cross my mind everytime I celebrate my birthday since I was 35 years old till now 38 and Oh boy! Still counting. When I realised I start to had wrinkles lines on my forehead, a little droopy eyes and sometimes dry face.

I love looking at supple skin of the 20's.. the glowing no make up look of them. 

I love trying new products to know which suits me best and this week I am into Pond's latest range of Pond's Age Miracle.

Each of the above contains concentration of Retinol-C complex for anti-aging.

I had tried both the Pond's Age Miracle corrector Day and Night Cream. Day cream comes with SPF 18 and PA+ and best is I can use it as a make up base. It set my complexion looking pinkish and I save a step to put on another sunscreen to the skin too.

Here is the texture. Non greasy hence easy to apply.

For night cream, I like the skin glow effect the next morning. Just after 7 days... I had a more even n tone complexion.

Eye cream and wrinkle corrector is non greasy and I apply it at night. The cream works beautifully for me and I wake up the next morning looking radiant. After 2 weeks, I can see that the fine lines are visibly reduced. :)

We really can be beautiful at any age. We just need a different cream at different age! And ofcourse you need patience for result and apply daily and nightly!

Pond's Age Miracle both Day Cream and Night Cream of 50g is available at RM52 each, Eye cream 15ml at RM52 and Wrinkle Correcting Cream 50ml at RM59.90. Check out your nearest Watson's outlet now.

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