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Check how we hang festive decorations and more with Faber-Castell white Tack-it!

It is Chinese New Year "Ren Ri" 7th Day and it's everyone birthday! We are re-decorating our house as we have guest coming in for dinner tonight. I am trying on the new White Tack-It by Faber Castell and here is something that I manage to make use of and pretty happy with the solution.

1. Hang festive decorations or align photo frames on the wall. No more ugly sight of cellophane tapes or black double sided sticker that left stains over on the wall after we remove the decorations off the wall. We don't like to put nails on the wall to hang our pictures and hence is the best solution.

2. Hold home displays in place to avoid my kids from knocking them over.

3. Using a screw with a screwdriver, simply place a small ball of Tack-It at the tip of the screwdriver to hold the screw in place. Easy!

4. Roll on the Tack-It when cleaning laptop keyboards or small crevice, as it gets into small gaps easily and stick-up any dirt that comes along with it.

5. It's always annoying when you see cables everywhere, especially at the back of your desk. Say goodbye to messy wires or knotty wires, as you can use the Tack-It to hold the wires in a neater and more organized manner.

6. When something tiny falls and rolls under the furniture and you are unable to reach it, use the Tack-It! Some rolled Tack-It attached to a stick will retrieve what was once lost without much hassle.

Love it for day-to-day use too and it is ideal for non-porous surfaces such as glass or metal, painted surfaces and vinyl coated wallpaper. 

It comes in a handy re-sealable packaging called “Tack and Close” where Tack-It is used to seal the packaging so no Tack-It goes missing! 

Where to Get This?

Throughout the country and the White Tack-It comes in three different sizes, a pack of 42 pieces (RM3.50), 90 pieces (RM4.90) and 120 pieces (RM6.90). 

Have fun decorating your house and have a prosperous blessed Chinese New Year 2018!

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