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Printcious.com - Precious Gifts From your Heart

Many of us will crack heads when it comes to finding gift for your love ones. It has been a yearly thing looking for birthday presents, especially when you attend a big party that includes birthday photobooth, you know you need an extra special gift for the host. In the list will be wedding anniversary, housewarming and even class party!

I am looking for a special gift for my 2 children as we are planning to move them both to sleep in their separate room.

I really want it to be personalized to their names, so that they would feel that it's unique, one of it's kind and mummy had something special with their names on - something on their own - personalized gifts for her and him. Haha they had enough sharing.

Going to stalls will be tricky having limited time and as usual online purchasing is fun and easy especially for working mum like I am. After a few browse, I found this door hanger and among all, I am checking out Printcious door hanger gift idea, which I can personalised online. This is the first time I have a special presents for her, my daughter this year.

If you want to know, Printcious is an online gift shop company that provides printing services on personalised gift items such as T-shirts, mugs, puzzles, phone cases, cushions, mousepads, ceramic tiles and mini tees. These items are suitable for gift-giving occasions such as birthday, wedding, graduation, anniversary or corporate events and even souvenir gift idea for guest.

Here is a snapshot on it's website:

I had personally check out the website Printcious. It is easy to use, easy to sign in as new member and is ready to use.

Below will be how it looks like on mobile apps:

If you need a fast options of gift for men and women, the apps make it easy for us to browse too

I love how we can diy our own photo in there, with us adding in text and we can choose the design that we like. The steps is simple and each picture is very clear and you can choose colours and design accordingly.With this, we eliminate the disagreements if we were to ask someone to do it for us.

They offer online design tool for us to customise our gifts with their lovely photos and messages. It is as easy as A. Choose a Gift, B. Upload a Photos, C. Enter a Texts.

Printcious graphic designers can help to design at very affordable fee, should we need their assistance to design our gifts.

Here is why I love personalized gift.
Affordable - a photo mug printed with our photos and message is only less than RM30 and we can print it from as little as one piece.
Usable - for Tshirts, we can wear. For phone cases, we can decorate our smart phone to be more stand out and unique from others.
Convenient - with online platform and mobile apps, customising a DIY gifts is very easy in just few clicks.
Memorable - puzzle printed with your photos and birthday message is special for you to remember for the rest of your life.

Can't wait to order and do stay tune for my next post!

You can also check out Printcious facebook page:


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