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Does aging matters to you? SHO ampoule mask and ampoule review

Aging is a little concern to me when I am about to reach 40. Yes people say age doesn't matter.  However when I see tiny wrinkles and fine line starting to appear and i had started to use beauty mode in my camera to take those nice flawless pictures,  I know then I have to do something about getting the dull day fixed.  It's about getting the root fixed- to improve the elasticity of my skin. 

I have to agree with this hence lately I am in love with serum and mask and one of the brand that I pick today is from SHO. I had read before that the most ideal ingredient for elasticity of skin is peptide, and SHO range of products has it.

Sincerely before anything I had fell in love with its packaging. The casing is beautiful and it can be used as stationary or brush storage after that. Recycling :)

There will be 7 piece of mask stored in the casing selling in Sasa soon. 

SHO ampoule mask is a treatment mask, unlike the daily mask that you see in market and this is how it looks like once opened:

My rates for SHO mask:
Fittings of mask: 7/10 (fits perfectly to the eyes but not on nose, mouth and jaw area.

Hydration after use: 9/10 (used at night before bed, wake up in the morning with a well toned, hydrating face) Happy to see result just after 1 times application!

The remaining essence is a lot to spare and not wasted. Spread to the neck, hand or leg! 

Some addition info found online for your information:

SHO Ampoule Mask series are specially developed by skincare research team in Korea using clinical effective ingredients to provide a special homecare line for customers who want to enjoy aesthetics treatments at the comfort of their own home.

Wrinkle Lift Peptide Ampoule (50ml)

SHO ampoule is a daily use ampoule ( just replace your existing serum step with SHO ampoule). Ampoule claimed to have 3X more effective and absorption compared to serum. 

It contains 3- kind proteins, including peptide, which are helpful to strengthen the skin barrier will give skin the elasticity and be helpful to protect skin and keep them moist. It also includes Adenosine which is highly effective in improving wrinkles and elasticity of skin.

While for ampoule, my rating is:
Scent: 8/10 
Texture: concentrated
Absorbent: 8/10
Result after 2 weeks use: skin become more elastic, fine line improves, lifting and firming effect, and moisturizing. I like to put in in fridge for a more soothing feel.

Where to Get This?

SHO Malaysia FB, IG and selected Sasa stores
Price: Rm189 (ampoule), RM159 (mask).

Notes: SHO products are free from harmful ingredients such as Triethanolamine, Benzophenone, Mineral oil, Sulfate, Paraben and Acrylamide, even safe for pregnant women.
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