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Breakfast with Diamond Grains - the No.1 Best-selling granola in Thailand

There is a trend nowadays on overnight oat and how it benefit our health. There are a lot of cereals and muesli in the market and eating the same every time is a little bit bored for me, hence I love to go around and am happy checking out this new "Diamond Grains" for breakfast.

What ticks me is that Diamond Grains has 10 variety of granola to choose from, and the Thai wordings make it exclusive. (How I miss Big C in Bangkok - at least this feel like a must buy in Bangkok's shopping list)

Diamond Grains is the No.1 Best-selling granola in Thailand. They bake daily using dehydrating method to ensure that we experience the fresh, crunchy, homemade taste. Healthy ingredients is their priority and it's inclusive of oats (for fibre and iron), nuts, seeds (heart-healthy unsaturated fats and protein) and dried fruits, without adding any wheat, refined sugar, artificial flavors or preservatives. 

It comes with zipper bag, so you can assured the freshness once opened as it can be zipped closed.

Here are the insights of our 4 favourite granolas, Double Chocolate Granola, Banana Nana, La Vie En Rose and Hearty Nuts. We love the generous content of Fruits and Chocolate in these packs. 

Diamond Double Chocolate Granola

Diamond La Vie En Rose Granola

Diamond Banana Nana granola

Diamond Hearty Nuts Granola

Each package contains perilla seed too which are organic, high omega 3 and an ingredient that can protect our liver. Fruits content in each package are freeze dry to keep the original vitamin from the fruit. 

What I like about the crunchy granola is that it will turn into a a bowl of delicious breakfast when mixed with mlk. 

Kids love to eat these as healthy snack too. Indeed a perfect meal to curb every craving when we pair it with milk or yogurt.

The content of papaya and pineapple dried fruit in Tropical Rich Granola are hard and tate like candy. This would be our less preferred, other than that others are great. 

This product is halal certified. ;)

Where To Get This?

Currently, it would be made available to Village Grocer and Hero Market, and expecting to go into Jaya Grocers (Yay! My Favourite) and others. 

ZP Food Import and Export Sdn Bhd 
No. 62 ,Jalan Perniagaan Setia 6,
Taman Perniagaan Setia ,
81100 Johor Bahru , Johor
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