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White or Black Shoe for Malaysian schooling kids and our preference.

The latest debate on school shoe colour for Malaysian children is yet to be commented by the respective school and this is still a grey area for some parents who wish to get their school necessity sorted out earlier. According to the news, black shoe will only be compulsory by 2021. What is our preference? I would say white school shoe and kids would wanted black - hahaha as you can't notice any dirt on a black shoe and they will refrain to wash it until the next semester! 

Priceless expression when they prefer black but white is something that could dicipline them to manage their own chores and self hygiene. 

No matter White or Black, I would still prefer White as a mother. My personal opinion with few reason being:

  • It's a discipline ground for the kids to remember to keep their shoe clean all the time, else they would have a hard time washing it when it gets black or if mud gets into it during rainy season.
  • White looks lovely with their white shirt, and looks cleaner.
  • Heat dispersion is better
  • More Hygiene
  • Reduce risk of mosquito bites

Hope they will soon reveal the shoe colour soon. Nevertheless, since Big J school show had a big hole at the front, we had to get him a new shoe as well as preparing for next year, so White shoe is definite for now.

I like to choose the best quality when it comes to school shoe. Over years, we had been getting Pallas shoe and this time of the year, it would be our same choice too. 

I get the below preferred designs, as I like velcro strap so that I didn't have to wait them to tie their shoe lace when we are rushing to school in the morning. Zap and GO!

Pallas Jazz Single Velcro Strap 205-0181 for BigJ

I like the ventilation systems that keeps kids feet breathing during their prolonged hours in school. It's superlight weight make it easier to run too. Well, I don't think he deserves any additional weight as the school bags and amount of books they had is really heavy nowadays.

Pallas Jazz Single Velcro Strap 204-031 for LilA 
I like the thicker foam on upper side for more protection & comfort, and lasting wear. The comfy cushion insole supports her feet well too, while the shoe gives an excellent grip.

I had got their feet measured at this link, thereafter add additional 1cm to get the correct shoe size.

Every person need a good support and to me choosing a good quality shoe could also support the kids back over the long run, less flimsy walking, protect your toes well and lesser injury ie.sprain. Investing at only RM65.00 for the above 2 pieces is worth it for their posture.

New black school shoe will only be enforced beginning 2021 as mention earlier, so it's time to get a nice pair of white shoe for the kids.

Can't wait for school re-opens, and till then Happy holidays children and parents!

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