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Homegrown Eco-Friendly Chomel Baby Products

I always love home grown products. I give a try to Baby Chomel products, whom is made by mothers to mothers, organic, safe for baby and children are what important for us. Since young, Jaden has eczema and I am then very particular on shower gel and lotion for him. It has to be mild and non fragrance, basically no chemical. As for April, it has to be affordably priced - she might just pump out a lot for her shower and bubble bath she would say.

Having it made in Malaysia, we would have some saving on the currency exchange - another plus point. Haha.

Let's see how Chomel products does, being a natural, safe, effective and eco-friendly.

Checking out it's baby wipes, and with a small packaging of 30 pieces, it's easier to bring out for travel, restaurant and to the park. It is effective for daily wipes, baby mouth, soil after toilet, dirt after food. Credit to the big sheet too - more use with bigger surface.

Below is my small experiment on the effective removal of eye shadow, lipstick and the difficult water proof mascara with Chomel baby wipe, without using harsh make up removal. Verdict, lipstick and eyeshadow is removed with one wipe and mascara with a few time. Not bad with a natural baby wipe I would say, at least it's mild to the skin!

Chomel baby lotion is something to look out for on daily use too. it's not too thick and easily absorb to the skin. 

While for baby head to toe wash, it need a few rinse to clean, and kids love the fact that it acts like a bubble bath.

Chomel comes with no harsh chemicals, halal certified, dermatological tested for sensitive skin, readily biodegradable in 28 days, and hypoallergenic, will not cause allergic reaction.

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