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Reading with McDonald’s Cressida Cowell Book Series and Happy Studio digital apps

Its of no denial that we grow up with McDonald collection of Happy Meal toys and Ronald McDonald's besides it's signature yummy burgers. I still remember myself going into McDonald during college time back then for its ever hit teddy collection. Now that I am a parent myself, I still fancy it's happy meal whenever kids ask for a treat. Recently, we are delighted on the launching of the original book series titled Treetop Twins Adventures which is made exclusive to McDonald’s, along with Happy Studio apps that makes the reading journey interactive.

Through the Happy Meal Readers programme, McDonald’s has partnered with Cressida Cowell - world-renowned author and illustrator of the bestselling How to Train Your Dragon series. The book series of Treetop Twins Adventures, exclusive to McDonald’s, will feature 12 standalone stories, with one book being released each month throughout the year. The books will be available in both English and Bahasa Malaysia specifically for the Malaysian market.

My 2 kids love the Happy Meal Readers and I do see that it will inculcate a passion for reading among children in Malaysia from a young age through its Scale for Good approach.

It's always great to cultivate reading at young age and kids love the bonding moment when we had the bedtime stories moment. We like the colourful pages and the series is exciting talking about the adventure of twins who meet with different dinosaur in every book.

“There are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as those we spent with a favorite book.” –Marcel Proust

Reading makes the kids asking questions like "Why, What, When, How and Who" which triggers communication between us, the parent and the child. To make the reading experience more fun, digital versions of the books are also made available through the Happy Studio App that can be downloaded on both the Play Store and Apple Store.

My kids free time evolves more on physical book but I must say this "Happy Studio" apps is very entertaining and experiential. I would say it has fit in short games and songs which need kids to shake, turn and read along instead of just visuals. 

We check out the apps content and here is our favorites:

a) Digital mask - we try the banana musketeers, carrot faces with vampire carrot tooth when you open your mouth, apple tree growing up your head, and growing pineapple.

b) Read a digital book - its the McDonald’s Cressida Cowell book that comes with the latest Happy Meal, and kids could point to the words as they read along. For words recognition I would say.

c) Be an Inventor is a game of logical creative thinking with Lego Movie characters. The aim is to make sure the Lego piece that you launch hits the queens crown. I personally like this a lot as kids would try and ask how is it done. We spent a lot times here figuring the best and quick way to complete the mission. 

d) Be A Hero features 3 series of game, which can include up to 4 players. This aim to bring McDonald's Happy Meal box character to the star, completing the route.

e) Be A Musician is our all time favourite. Easy to play in the car or at home to compute songs, kids tend to shake the digital maracas by shaking the phone for movement and a jukebox whereby you really need to spin it for some music. Super lots of fun time giggling to the silly actions that we made together as a family.

f) Find great activities with step by step Berry Building, Recycled Greenhouse and Soft Fruit Ice Lolly. 

This apps is free, you will just need to download and use it. By having the book or Lego movie character from Happy Meal that you purchase, you can scan and unlock digital reward, such as Lego Character and Dinosaurs in Eggs. 

Check it out from McDonald's outlet worldwide from 1st March 2019 and the series are out every month.

For more info about Happy Meal Readers, you may visit https://www.mcdonalds.com.my/en/family/happy-meal-readers

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  1. i JUST KNOW THAT mC dOnalds have this kind of product, it's really interesting and educate our kids too




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