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Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser Soap Bar

Recently, I had got this Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser Soap Bar from a friend and love the packaging. Since it's made in Japan, it gave me the assurance of its quality and I had started using it for a week now and share my personal opinion together with giving you an insight review on this soap bar that is suitable for sensitive and all skin typesKiseki means miracle in Japanese.

Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser Soap Bar is made from unique ingredients: collagen from Tilapia's Fish Scale, Royal Jelly, 10 types of rare flower and herb extracts and that what makes it works best in tropical climate. It doesn't contain paraben, artificial colouring or other harmful preservatives. 

Kiseki Japan is a registered product in Japan and also certified by Malaysia Ministry of Health. Quality control, product research & development and production process are 100% done in the manufacturing plant based in Japan which is globally recognized as the best quality in the world for skincare. 

The cover of soap bar

The main function of this cleanser are based on 3 principles:

Foundation of youth - Marine Fish Collagen
Ultra fine molecules effectively support cells to promote and retain skin elasticity, penetrate into pores, remove dead skin cells and prevent excessive oil.

Foundation of Hydration- Royal Jelly
Tighten pores for velvety-smooth skin and helps makeup go on better and stay longer.
Seal hydration within skin for lasting retention.

Foundation of Relaxation- Natural Fragrance Extract
By using natural ingredients, it reduces the risk of allergies and make the product more suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Using the Soap Bar Cleanser:
Step 1. Cleanser soap are to put in the mesh cover, wet it with water and rub it with your hand for foams.
Step 2. Wash your face using the foams and rinse off 
Step 3. Clean the mesh cover and hang it to dry for next use.

After a week of use, I like the fact that Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser Soap Bar cleans the impurities and dirt on the face very well, leaving no oily substance. I would then use my daily skincare toner and serum. 

Since its made of natural ingredients and works well for my skin, I don't mind the hassle of cleaning for storage. It's also safe for kids to use and one soap bar can use for long.

Where To Get This?
Kiseki Japan
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