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VELLA Neck Cream and Neck patches review.

I am guilty that I often neglect my neck when it comes to beauty regime. Scrubs, creams, moisturizers are often on the face and as I aged, I felt the difference and it has become a bit prominent looking closely. My friends introduce me to a neck cream and neck patches from VELLA and I give it a try.

I got some of VELLA brand details online, just to be sure before purchase. Vella has been established for 7 years in Korea, and their main line of products are focused on anti-aging, battling wrinkles and firming. (Just the right fit - as I am already on my 40s). Here is the packaging on how it looks like:

Neck patch and neck cream

Vela Neck pack with 5 individual packaging

I like the thick and very moisturising texture of the cream.

Neck creams and neck patches are their niche and these 2 products has gain  popularity over the years in Korea. It contains SYN-AKE and bee venom, and clinically tested and has passed various tests, therefore is safe for all skin types and wide age range that we can share it with our parents or grandparents too.

Here is my result after a week of usage:

Wrinkles around the right part of my neck diminishes a little and whitens skin. I like that its moisturizing and even use it for my face. I am sure that with regular usage, the colour difference of my face and neck will be more even.

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