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Ginn Fairy Care Social Impact Program with Ginnie Lam & Wang Jackson

Raised by a single mother and now a single mother herself, Ms Ginnie Lam shared about her passion of doing a part in charity. She is very well aware that orphanage need much love from the society and she wishes to see them smiles and growing up confidently and be a better person. She started Ginnie Magic Bélle Influencer Pageant and now getting her Ginn Fairy Care Social Impact Program on, in collaboration and with support from Jackson Wang.

In short, it's also a"Beauty and Influencer for Charity". Ginn Fairy Care Social Impact Program will start with a small but meaningful step towards a tangible approach to make a real difference in the lives of the orphans who participate in it. It aims to do this by providing children with a beautiful gift that will put a smile on their faces and also which they can use everyday. This concrete gifting will be tied in with a social enterprise model that ensures sustainability over the long term. 

Ginnie Magic Bélle Influencer Pageant Winners are also present to support the program and realise their charitable mission among KL Influencers. Ms Lam feels that the Influencer trend among social media netizens today can turn into a force for good if their power of influence among the young generation can be rallied for civil liberty and social causes that give equal rights to women, especially those afflicted by society's ills that threaten the family institution such as teenage pregnancy, which leads to the prevalence of orphaned children and their continued plight. 

Wang Jackson, a Michael Jackson Celebrity Tribute Performer will be supporting Ginn Fairy Care to make a difference. He take on the stage with the song, "Heal The World" with children's joining him on stage.

Moving forward, Ginn Fairy Queen Korea Beauty Pageant will be be held in Seoul with the support of the Korean government cultural & artistic agency. Should you have any charitable institution that you want them to support, please do call Nicolas Pang at www.ginninternational.com

International Celebrities Profile:
a) Ms Ginnie Lam 
-Mrs International HK 2014 & Ginn Fairy Queen Korea 2019
-International Ambassador for the Korean Government's Artistic & Cultural Federation
-Goodwill Ambassador for United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals

b) Mr Jackson Wang 
-Celebrity Michael Jackson tribute performer recognized officially by the US White House and the Jackson family, 
-signed Hollywood Artiste to inherit Michael Jackson's spirit of charity and performance legacy. 
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  1. nice programe for them. Sekurangnya program ni juga dapat membantu anak-anak yatim yg juga perlukan kasih sayang dan sokongan mental kepada diorang




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