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How can keep our self Iron Strong? Check out these few recipes and my learning from MEGA We Care Iron Feast.

We don't need to be Oprah Winfrey, Liyuan Peng, Lady Gaga or Margaret Thatcher to be Iron Strong. Iron strong simply means be emotionally strong and physically resilient to address life’s curveballs. Irrespective of our age and life cycle we are at, menstruating, menopausal, pregnant or lactating, there are days when even the simplest task seems like a chore. We may suffer from Iron Deficiency Anemia or IDA if our Iron is not replenish to our diet to generate red blood cells. Precaution needed if we have symptom like brittle nails, cold hand and feet, constantly tired, weak or pale, headaches and dizzy. Recently at Mega Care Iron Feast Day, I had find out some new simple recipes and tips on how to be Iron Strong!
Pn. Ernie Syafika binti Zamri, Consultant, Mega Lifesciences Sdn. Bhd. was there sharing her insights on what women can do to stay IRON STRONG, how essential “maternal” nutrients supports pregnancy & lactation needs in promoting healthy babies. She highlight that IDA can be also attributed to body's inability to absorb iron or it produce red blood cells too slowly due to viral infection, radiotherapy, blood lost during injury or surgery, internal bleeding or pregnancy.

Chef Sara Khong, the popular author of 4 cookbooks, recipe developer, food writer & stylist was there to share her perils of being iron deficient whilst showing how to make easy-to-prepare iron rich dishes, adding on to the feast and learnings.
Here is 3 really simple recipe to prepare at home and I love it all, seriously.

Have you check if anything that you shop lately contains iron? Here is some on my list. I got all these iron packed food - plant base for RM50. Who says you need to expensive red meat base to pump your iron? As a malaysian, tempeh is also a good replacement source for this and an iron booster too!

My Iron lunch booster at the event. 
WHO has also recommended Ferrous Fumarate products with the highest % elemental iron compared to common iron salts, is key to women’s well-being. Do check out the below 2 products as an iron supplements to your daily diet.

Ferrovit is a 3 in 1 iron supplement, vanilla flavoured softgel contains Ferrous Fumerate, Folic Acid and Vitamin B12. One capsule twice daily and best taken without milk, coffee and tea as it will slow down iron absorption. RM20 per pack of 50 capsule.

Fenza comprise of 19 vitamins and mineral supplements for pregnant and lactating mothers, softgel blister pack 30 capsules at RM48, one capsule once daily with meal.

Where To Get This?
All leading pharmacy - Caring, Guardian, and other local pharmacies.

KKM Approved No. 1388/5019

"I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me"

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