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Prego Mac & Cheese Pasta sauce with classic taste, rich and creamy

Back from work and happy to see this. PREGO came out with the new Mac and cheese pasta sauce and can't wait to try it out. Convenient for working mothers and even stay at home mum when we are too tired to cook a 3 dishes meal for lunch and dinner. Will try it out and see how super leleh the sauce is. 

Macaroni cheese. Mac n cheese. Maccheroni al formaggio!. Whatever you call it, the combination of pasta, melted cheese and white sauce is hard to beat. Mac & Cheese is the quintessential comfort food that everyone loves. It can be paired with macaroni, pasta, spaghetti and any form of noodles. It has become a popular choice during meal times, and it involves multitude of preparations and mouth- watering sauces that are served in accompaniment. 

Even kids can get their meal prepared. Mac and cheese with their choice of meat and Prego new cheese meleleh sauce. 😋 They love new flavors. Well if you are cheese lover then you would like to try this.

Preparing these sauces can be a chore and very time consuming. Women are always preparing meals for their families. Generally, they spend an hour to cook a simple meal with an average of 2-3 dishes. They are constantly exploring new recipes while being creative and are willing to try anything new for their loved ones. Today, women are recognised as a pivotal resource that drives economic growth and a major strength in the workforce, recording 53.5%. They lead a hectic life wearing many hats: a mother, friend, daughter, wife, sister and employee; and are constantly juggling between work and family. They lack the time. They are looking for a convenient solution, especially when it comes to preparing a decent meal for their loved ones. 

Prego Mac & Cheese Pasta Sauce is available at all major hypermarkets and supermarkets throughout the country; and reasonably priced at RM6.49 per can.   
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