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Captivate Her Heart with Love & Co.’s Teddy Bear Collection

LOVE LOCK Series - With her hand in yours, experience the magic of love unlocked

If you are looking for the perfect gift to express your love to that special someone, nothing says it better than the new Teddy Bear Collection by Love & Co. A brand synonymous with love and romance, Love & Co. presents an exquisite collection inspired by the classic teddy bear, a timeless symbol of unconditional love, warm cuddles and companionship that spans all ages.

The history of the teddy bear began in 1902 when U.S. President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt participated in a bear hunting trip in Mississippi where he ended up saving a bear. The well-known incident inspired toymakers to create a stuffed bear which was nicknamed Teddy’s Bear and later shortened to Teddy Bear.

For over a century, teddy bears have been cherished and loved by everyone, and are amongst the most popular gifts to signify love and companionship.

Made with love for love, each piece of Love & Co.’s Teddy Bear jewellery is endearing with its own charm and is a tender reminder of your promise to be her beloved companion. Carefully crafted from 18k rose gold and precious stones, the collection features a series of creations – Heartfelt Confession, Love Lock, Cuddle Me, You Make Me Smile, and My Companion – each designed to capture her heart even more.

HEARTFELT CONFESSIONS Series - Express your true feelings with the captivating charms of Teddy

LOVE LOCK Series - With her hand in yours, experience the magic of love unlocked

MY COMPANION Series - The trusted companion beloved by so many through the years

CUDDLE ME Series - The warm and cuddly Teddy Bear, the perfect gift for all occasions

YOU MAKE ME SMILE Series - You make me feel like the luckiest girl alive

Every piece of Teddy Bear jewellery will be accompanied with an adorable teddy jewellery case, completing the gift of love.

Visit https://love-and-co.com.my or Love&Co on Facebook to view the complete range of jewellery for special occasion gifts, engagement rings and wedding bands.
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