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Natugee X Mrs Malaysia World “Healthy is the New Happy”

Healthy is the New Happy! How many of us ladies skip our breakfast, excessive snacking and eat to make ourself happy? How many of us falls into depression, had a tough time and struggling it through? How many of us forgot to take care of our health and realised that Happy can be achieved with good health? . Was at a high tea talk at Furama Hotel today and had a good 2 hours listening to 3 speakers on how our hormone affects our health, choosing right beauty products and learning to read labels. . We talk about how women should seek help when times are tough and voice out too. Let's be a better you today!

Some of the highlights today:

The first session with Dr. Linda Mat Hassin, A Certified Advances Hormone Therapy & Women Wellness Medical Doctor, is very much inspiring, talking about the symptoms of hormonal imbalance and how it can affect our health and lifestyle. We are to do a quick survey to understand ourself that is related to stress, inadequate sleep, mood swing, irregular menstrual, hot sweats and how these signs could be part of hormone imbalance.

A good second session thereafter from Madam Rena Rifaee, Founder & CEO to Natugee Sdn Bhd. She is also an Organic Skincare Formulator and advocate for natural beauty and women empowerment. An insights on the importance of using natural products and about keeping our skin clear and healthy. She stress the importance to read the labels of any skin care and cosmetic product and to at least know the ingredients of each products - which one benefits and which is harmful.

Panel discussion with panelists are the next and we had got some healthy lifestyle tips, how to manage a work-life balance, stress management and motherhood without losing your own identity.

Thank you Asian Parenting for be a part of this event. We had so much fun mingle around with other mummies and sharing thoughts.

Mrs Malaysia World joining the event.
Few of the nice sponsored products during the event. 
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