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Do you know your diet of Plant-Based Meat can save the world?

Are you living on a eat to live or live to eat lifestyle? If you are an eating to live person, your dietary choice is essential in saving the world environment too. This is a good take back note that you’ll hear many forward-thinking companies like Beyond Meat and Phuture Daging telling you lately. They believe that by opting for a plant-based diet instead of a meat-centric one, we can literally contribute towards saving the Earth.

Educating our our children is part of our role so that they are aware on what's on their plate and how they could live in an environmentally-conscious lifestyle and here is some what and why to share with our little one and for public awareness too.

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How it can curb climate change?

According to the Overseas Development Institute from the UK, one of the fastest ways to reduce the effects of climate change is through consuming less meat in our diet. By adopting a vegan/vegetarian diet, you’ll actually create a smaller carbon footprint by generating 41.7% less greenhouse gases.

For example, manufacturing 1kg of peas emits only 1kg of greenhouse gases as compared to the 60kg of greenhouse gases that would be released when producing 1kg of beef.

It involves efficient use of earth’s resources

All agricultural activities require land usage, but there is a big difference in the amount of yield farmers get from growing plant foods as opposed to livestock farming. For instance, one acre of land can either be used to produce around 180 to 220kg of meat or 9,070kg of plant-based foods instead.

In another example, 150 to 600 litres of water is needed to produce 1kg of beef, but only 50 litres of water is required for 1kg of tofu. For a relatively small country like Malaysia, efficient food production is especially important since there is limited land space available locally.

In general, plant-based food production utilises natural resources more efficiently and offers a better output ratio.

Now, we shall begin with a meatless solution!

Taking above matters into consideration, a plant-based diet would be the way to go in order to create a more sustainable future for humankind.

However, it’s understandable that many of us may find it hard to completely cut out meat from our diet. But you can still make a difference, and you can start in small ways.

Consider the Meatless Monday movement, which is currently being observed in more than 40 countries. The idea behind it is that by just going meatless for one day a week, you will already be reducing your meat intake by about 15%, hence reducing the environmental impact required for the production of your food.

Phuture Daging wholeheartedly supports causes like this.

In fact, the company is making it possible for Malaysians from all walks of life to adopt such an environmentally-sustainable diet by introducing its plant-based meat options to the local market. The plant-based meat is manufactured in a Halal manufacturing plant.

It also has plans to initiate similar green movement campaigns in Malaysia in the near future.

The concept of next-generation plant-based meat solutions is still quite new here, hence the company hopes to raise greater awareness of the benefits of such a diet, especially from an environmental perspective.

Besides that, Phuture Daging intends to provide support to local restaurants and cafes as they introduce plant-based alternatives into their menus.

Not only will the company supply these establishments with high-quality protein alternatives, it will also partner with them to create delectable dishes that will put a spotlight on a plant-based diet.

In addition, Phuture Daging will help these F&B outlets devise ways to educate Malaysian diners further on the benefits of a plant-based diet through relevant marketing campaigns and other related means.

For more information about Phuture Daging and its plant-based products, email enquiry@phuturedaging.com or visit https://phuturedaging.com.


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