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Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with Hong Kong Bay Mooncakes 香港香与你欢庆中秋

Mooncake festival is near and it is time to spread love and gratitude to those we partnered for business, family and friends. Today, I drop by Hong Kong Bay to get some for my family and here is some of my findings on their lovely packaging.

Musang King Snow Skin Series has been Hong Kong Bay’s signature series since its inception. Hong Kong Bay is committed in bringing the best quality durians for all durian lovers’ consumption.

This year, Hong Kong Bay introduces their Musang King Snow Skin Series with the slogan “不一 young 的猫山王系列” which manifests a cheerful and lively vibe, despite the pandemic. What’s worth mentioning is that every Musang King product are made with pure Musang King fillings. Considering durian season has come to an end, durian enthusiasts now have a perfect alternative to satisfy their durian cravings.

金牌黑金猫山王Superior Black Gold Snow Skin Musang King

I personally love the Superior Black Gold Snow Skin Musang King as it tastes really good! According to the introduction from the promoter, Superior Black Gold Snow Skin Musang King is the new product this year, and the fact that this luxurious piece is made by encasing 100% pure Raub Highland Old Tree Musang King fillings. The bittersweet texture immediately differentiate itself from other Musang King mooncakes! The snow skin blends nice with the fillings and one is never enough. Not to mention how charcoal skin is now everyone’s favourite, especially those who love a healthier alternative.

 顶级皇牌冰皮猫山王 Royal Snow Skin Musang King

Royal Snow Skin Musang King is the most classic Musang King mooncakes from Hong Kong Bay since 2016. Chewy exterior with creamy and fresh durian fillings – the perfect combination for those who are trying Musang King Snow Skin mooncakes for the very first time!

 200 巴鲜果肉猫山王(小鲜肉)Super Fresh Musang King

If you are craving for durian, favouring mochi instead, this is a must buy! I am impressed by the packaging of how it is so creative and presentable. Super Fresh Musang King is definitely one of its kind in the market as the packaging actually resembles the shape of a real durian, even the four little mochi with durian fillings also resembles real durian flesh. Loved the taste, not so sweet and kids gobble it within minutes, ha!

猫山王小丸子Musang King Icy Mochi

These little cute and colourful Musang King Icy Mochi feature three different flavours for its chewy skin – matcha, strawberry and mango! The crossover of mochi and durian makes an interesting and refreshing alternative in Musang King series. It comes in six individual packets which make it very hygienic and easily to be stored and consumed.

金爷爷 x 香港香【同舟共济】WE’re Together

This year, Jin Ye Ye collaborates with Hong Kong Bay to come up with a beautiful and meaningful gift set with a message of we are going to embrace this tough year of 2020 together. Hong Kong Bay envisions this gift set is perfect to express gratitude and appreciations towards clients, business partners, families and friends who are there for us, supporting through this pandemic period.

The middle part of the gift box could be lightened up – symbolising the blessings from Hong Kong Bay to light up the way down 2020.

There are four classic flavours of baked skin mooncakes (Low Sugar White Lotus with Yolk, Pandan Lotus with Yolk, Purple Secret and Pearl of Harmony) and two Bird's Nest with American Ginseng, White Fungus and Rock Sugar.

【月光宝盒】Moonlight Gift Set

Incorporating the characters of Old Master Q and his friends, Moonlight Gift Set is a quirky and cheerful gift set, which Hong Kong Bay aims to reintroduce Old Master Q to millenniums. Remember the good old days where we used to carry lanterns and play around with candles during Mid-Autumn Festival? Hong Kong Bay is taking us back to these childhood memories with this packaging design being able to be converted into a lantern! What’s more? The packaging also resembles the concept of a music box – the pin underneath the box will trigger the playing of soft instrumental music as well as the spinning movement of the illustration of Old Master Q and his friends. How cool is that!

There are 3 classic flavours of baked skin mooncakes (Low Sugar White Lotus with Yolk, Pandan Lotus with Yolk and Purple Secret) with two Bird's Nest with American Ginseng, White Fungus and Rock Sugar.


香港香 x 金氏【流心燕遇】Premium Bird’s Nest Lava Gift Set

Another collaboration done by Hong Kong Bay with JYNNS, a wellness brand that sources and creates the best healthy products for modern people, with mooncakes’ fillings sourced from premium bird’s nest.

Health conscious? Loves beauty products? Looking for something not too sweet but out of ordinary? This gift set is ideal for your gifting experience, or even for self-consuming!

Where to find Hong Kong Bay?

You may place your order at Hong Kong Bay FB Page 👉  https://www.facebook.com/hongkongbay.mal/

Look for Hong Kong Bay’s booths in West Malaysia 👉  https://bit.ly/3bIVoZv

Or place all your items into shopping cart at Jin Ye Ye Official Website 👉  https://jinyeye.com.my/product-category/brands/hong-kong-bay/

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