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Be In Control With Glucerna In 4 Weeks!

Dad and Mum have been diagnosed with diabetes over the past few years and they always had a glucose test result of  between 11-12 (dad) and 10-9 (mum). These are due to their diet most of the time, as they felt like eating anything that they wanted, while the doctor had advised on less carbs and eating clean. Diabetes has changed their lifestyle, and with that, they have to somehow forgo their favourite food or drinks. Best example is coffee with sugar and rice meals. Fortunately, I received Abbott's Glucerna last month, and got him and mum a try. They could still have his favourite food, but this time I traded his coffee intake with Glucerna milk powder, hoping to improve and manage their glucose level better. 

Glucerna is a product of Abbott, and with its improved recipe, it contains 35 nutrients, 4x higher myo-inositol, and is most recommended as a diabetes-specific formula by healthcare experts and this formulation helps control diabetes in just 4 weeks.


When my parents are bored with the drinks, I am happy to know there are so many recipes that we can try with Glucerna. Food recipes can include Glucerna, we can explore making cookies, red bean popsicle, chocolate pudding, mixed berries yoghurt, matcha latte, breezy bandung, black sesame drink and many more.

Below is his reading in just one week. a drop of 0.7mmo/L which is great. After 4 weeks, he has a reading of 9.8 mmo/L. Definitely he is happier now after consumption of Glucerna, proven to have more energy during the day. He is still active with his gardening and hopefully it will continue to reduce to a level of 7-8mmo/L one day. 

Before (Left) & After (Right)


Meanwhile, mum is at a healthier range in her glucose reading compared to dad, 1st week 9.6 mmo/L, 2nd week 5.9mmo/L, 3rd week 5.6 mmo/L and 4th week 5.5mmo/L !! Her experience with Glucerna gives her a little more energy and better mood. This could be due to her getting sufficient nutrients from her food, along with Glucerna that provides complete nutrition now. Now her glucose levesl are in control.

Here are some facts about the new Glucerna that I know of. It's suitable for individuals with pre-diabetes, diabetes and gestational diabetes. People with diabetes can incorporate 1-2 servings of Glucerna® as a low calorie meal replacement or a healthy snack alternative to support diabetes management, depending on criteria such as BMI, glycaemic control and nutritional needs, as advised by a healthcare professional.

If you or your parents are fussy, no worries as the new Glucerna® is available in 3 delicious flavours - vanilla, chocolate and wheat, and also is halal-certified, and suitable for vegetarians.

Did you know that diabetes affects 3.9 million adults in Malaysia, one of the highest incidence rates in Asia, according to the Ministry of Health. The disease trend is not only increasing, but those diagnosed grapple with how to manage and control their blood glucose. In a survey conducted by Abbott which aimed to better understand the challenges of living with diabetes and to find solutions to empower patients, 96% of the 158 respondents experience Diabetes Burnout – a state of emotional or physical exhaustion caused by feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the burden of diabetes self-management, and want to be empowered over their diet. 

“Poor glucose control is a major problem among people living with diabetes in Malaysia, as many of them lack knowledge on how dietary behaviour and even slight changes in their eating plan can negatively impact diabetes management,” said associate professor Dr Norlaila Mustafa, consultant physician & endocrinologist, and head of department, Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. “Therefore, keeping blood glucose levels on target can prevent or delay the onset of complications such as blindness, kidney disease and heart disease.”

Diabetes Burnout in individuals with diabetes has been shown to result in poor adherence, reduced self-care and poor glucose control. More than three-fourths of survey respondents said that maintaining a healthy weight and following a healthy diet were the two main stressors. The top two aspects of dietary management that cause the most stress are following a diet suitable for people with diabetes (72%) and keeping count of calories or carbohydrates daily (73%).

Professor Dr Winnie Chee from the department of nutrition & dietetics, International Medical University mentioned that stress can affect diabetes control, therefore managing the emotional and psychological state is as important as managing glucose readings. “People with diabetes are often burdened by many aspects of self-care, particularly dietary choices. Knowing the ‘right’ foods to eat that will not raise their blood sugar is a formidable challenge for most individuals. Diet control plays a key role in managing diabetes and delaying complications, hence a multidisciplinary healthcare team which includes a dietitian can assist people with diabetes in learning how to eat well with less stress and better manage their diabetes.”

This is indeed a very beneficial survey for all diabetes patients and caregivers like me!

Check out more details on their FB page  and give Glucerna a try by requesting a sample on Glucerna’s webpage https://abbottnutrition.com.my/products/glucerna Also, make your purchase online at the Lazada & Shopee official stores now! Hope that with this sharing, it can better benefit your loved one as much as Glucerna helped us too.







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