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Managing our young children with World’s first English ‘Pinkfong First Learning Kit’ launches on Astro

Due to the pandemic these days, we must work from home to stay safe from the virus and mothers like us will need to take care of our kids at home. Let's check out these 3 tips to help manage young children while you work from home.

Firstly, create a daily schedule – this includes dividing your time between meetings, meals and naps for our kids, setting up family time and alone time for ourself and our kids. This will not make them feel isolated and alone and I can keep my kids happy everyday.

Secondly, we should organize separate areas for work and play, so that we can always keep an eye on them. This ensures their safety while we work. We wouldn't want them to be exploring electrical item or stoves while we work, so getting them an area to play will help us to monitor them closely at a spot.

Lastly, we should prepare some fun learning activities including coloring, blocks and more. This can keep them entertained throughout the pandemic and also educate them at the same time.

In line with this, Astro presents the Pinkfong First Learning Kit suitable for kids aged 1 to 3 years. Complete with a story book and stickers as well as educational Pinkfong merchandise, kids can learn about healthy lifestyle including brushing teeth, taking a bath, and eating their vegetables. Kids can enjoy this kit while singing along to over 35 Pinkfong videos On Demand.

For kids who lovessss Pinkfong, the beloved children’s brand behind Baby Shark, can look forward to the world’s first English version of the ‘Pinkfong First Learning Kit’, an immersive and interactive home learning that takes young fans on an engaging journey of exploring and practising healthy lifestyle habits including their first discoveries of brushing their teeth, taking a bath, and eating their vegetables with their favorite characters.

This limited edition ‘Pinkfong First Learning Kit’ is now available for purchase via Astro On Demand.

Previously available only in Korean and Chinese versions, Astro customers will be the first in the world to enjoy the English version of the ‘Pinkfong First Learning Kit’ which consists of three sets of exclusive merchandise: ‘Brush the Teeth Set’, ‘Eat Veggie Set’ that includes a suction bowl with a spoon and a fork and ‘Bath Time Set’. Each learning kit comes with a story book, a sticker book, exclusive Pinkfong merchandise and two-weeks of access to 37 ‘Pinkfong First Learning’ videos available for streaming On Demand. 

For purchases via On Demand, Astro customers can purchase the bundle set for RM99, while individual kits will be available for RM60 each.

For more details on the ‘Pinkfong First Learning Kit’, visit Astro On Demand.

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