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Get your kids active this MCO and let's experience E-Coaching

Ever think that your kids are always on the computer, phone, or looking at screens? Here are our ways in getting kids occupied this MCO:

Why not diverting them to read some books with interesting topics? Such as Storybooks, QnA books, Encyclopedias and even comics. My son personally likes to read encyclopedias while my daughter likes to read comics. He said that Encyclopedias give him knowledge about science, culture and even history! As for his sister, she finds comics interesting because of the amount of pictures inside.

Troubled with too much objects at home that is unused or unwanted? Get your kids to find these item to sell it off of give away. This can give us some extra space. Let our kids to help to do the dishes, laundry, mop the floor and even clean up their room. This can ensure the cleaniness of your home. 

Speaking about active activities, kids could help in clearing some area and organize a small family game such as ring tossing, duck walking, flipper walking, even fitness challenges. It is up to you to decide what kind of family game you want to organize for the whole family! You can also make them do push ups, planks etc to keep their body fit.

Recently I signed my kids up to the MILO Champions Clinic E-coaching. This MILO beginner’s sports training programme are designed for children ages 7 to 12 online and ensuring the safety of its participants at home.

Launched in early September last year, the programme has seen hundreds of parents sign up their
children for one of the three sports training packages on offer - futsal, basketball and badminton.

If you sign up for badminton, you will get badminton set of racquets, cones and also a custom MILO dry fit tee. Students and coaches will chat at their WhatsApp group and coaches will send class links via google classroom. Students also must submit their homework through google classroom. 

For basketball, you will also receive 2 basketballs, some cones and a dry fit tee. The way students and coaches communicate is the same. The basics package starts from only RM 50 and classes are for few weeks, one session per week.

So, what is the feedback of my children? In their opinion, the coaches are very friendly and explains every move in detail. Things they teach include: Gripping, Forehand overhead service, Backhand Front Lift, Footwork Training , Forehand Overhead Lob Service, Backhand Lift Service and Physical Training. My kids do enjoy this online coaching and it really benefits them with exercise and active activities during these stay at home times. The coaches will also give weekly homework to let kids master their skills.

After you submit the homework, the coaches will correct you if any of your moves are wrong. Here is my son's experience (He signed up for badminton) : He said they made sure everyone got their badminton kits before start instructing the students. Their first class is from basic so younger children could actually follows.  This includes gripping, throwing a shuttlecock at a wall,catching it and swinging the racket correctly. How he does his homework then? He takes a video of his progress then submit it via google classroom's stream. Same goes to my daughter who chose basketball. If  they had a question during the class, the coach will answer it before the classes continue.

Here are some lovely pictures of others who experienced the e-coaching at home too.

Raja Mohd Azman shows his son Raja Iman the MILO Champions Clinic: E-Coaching futsal video before starting their training together. 

Kenny Tham helps his daughter Ashley with their basketball training at home guided by the MILO Champions Clinic: E-Coaching modules.

Kumalini Devi guides her son Thassvhen on his badminton serves while watching the MILO Champions: E-Coaching video together.

Best is the kids are given Certificate of Completion and medal after completing the course and till we meet again!

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