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Efficient online class at 51 talk

Pandemic has change everyone lifestyle and it brings the new online learning era for children too. We as parents get every opportunity to find easy learning for children so that our children will not limit ourself to only classroom but it can be anywhere anytime.

Learning starts from as easy as getting the words right on our daily lives. From our food, daily lives and its more relevant. It's not memorising grammar but to be able to use it in our daily lives makes the word that we learnt easy to apply. 

There are a lot of tuition centres that parents aim for our child to excel in exam. Nevertheless, we miss out the importance of usage and right pronunciation. Traditionally we learnt how to memorise. But now, hearing is more important - to know the usage. 

The duration of class is normally 25 min and need a long term package to get a good frequency of learning and be able to catch up consistently.  

51Talk use a different method in bringing English a fun language to our children. With a great coaching from a selection of experience teachers, children had fun while studying and create an English conversation, 

51Talk is a local entity with international standard approved syllabus- CEFR. With local entity that exist long in the market, we can rest assured the stability and continuation of the centre. Having a package in a reputable centre gives us a comfort of long-term learning, no worry of closure.

The selection of teachers at 51Talk  is well done and quality assured as they go through a screening. 

Children can start as young as 3 years old. There is a trial class if anyone would like to try. An assessment will be done before the teacher determine the level of the students. 


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